WATCH: Bentley's new 467kW Continental GT

The new third-gen Bentley Continental GT boasts 467kW, 900Nm and a top speed of 333km/h.

Meet VW's SA-bound baby SUV, the T-Cross

A disguised prototype of the T-Cross, VW's new baby crossover SUV, is being tested on public roads.

Greatest cars built under Sergio Marchionne, Fastest legal speed in Europe - Top car videos you shouldn't miss!

2018-07-29 08:33

Khaya Dondolo

Image: Wheels24

With his tragic passing earlier this week, Sergio Marchionne leaves a large legacy at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

We featured great cars that were built under his leadership.

From exotics like the powerful LaFerrari to the nimbleness and convenience of the Fiat 500.

These cars have a long standing success and are still revered to this day.

Then we took you to Europe speed limits vary between countries, so it's important you know what they are, even when you're vacationing in Europe. Take a look at how fast can you drive there

WATCH: The greatest cars built under Sergio Marchionne

WATCH: How fast can you drive in Europe?

WATCH: The Fiat 500 Convertible is not your average city car

WATCH: Kia reveals stylish SA-bound upgraded Sportage

WATCH: Load it up with the Lexus RX 450h L


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