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WATCH: The greatest cars built under Sergio Marchionne

2018-07-27 06:30

Robin Classen

Image: PA

With his tragic passing earlier this week, Sergio Marchionne leaves a large legacy at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Described as a colossal visionary by many who knew him, he will always be remembered as the modern day 'Superman' for his contribution to the automotive world.

What a legacy to leave behind

From exotics like the powerful LaFerrari to the nimbleness and convenience of the Fiat 500, these cars have a long standing success and are still revered to this day.

What's your favourite car built during Sergio Marchionne's tenure? Email us

It is also worth noting that these cars are just some of many achievements and also how he helped turn Ferrari back into a force in Formula 1.

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He might no longer be around, but his contributions have built the platform for all petrolheads across the world to enjoy.


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