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DOCUMENTARY: Watch behind the scenes with Pit Crews: The thrills and spills of Supercross

2018-08-16 20:27

Robin Classen

Image: TVF Media

Supercross competitors ride flat out on a demanding circuits that feature huge jumps and tough obstacles.

The notion of practice makes perfect is true for riders who make flying through the air look like child's play. 

WATCH: Stunt rider Travis Pastrana smashes Evel Knievel's jump record by leaping over 52 cars, 16 buses and clearing a huge fountain

Watch episode 1 and 2 from the PitCrew series. We will be publishing a new episode as they're made available. Tune in tomorrow for the next dose of this thrilling viewing.

WATCH: Behind the scenes with pit crews - Episode 1: Canadian Nascar racing action
DOCUMENTARY: Watch Behind the scenes with Pit Crews - Episode 2: The flawless execution of changing tyres, refuelling
Please note that these videos are almost an hour long each, in case you want to view during night-time WiFi usage.


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