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Reader: Traffic fine increase 'pointless'

2014-06-11 12:00

TRAFFIC FINE GRIPES: Reader PIERRE VAN DYK says traffic officials should focus on visible policing and enforce existing laws.. Image: Shutterstock/lcswart


CAPE TOWN - On Tuesday (June 11 2014) Wheels24 reported that traffic fines in the Western Cape will increase considerably from August 2014.

Donald Grant, provincial minister for transport and public works, reported that as part of the department’s “Winter Blitz” programme traffic fines would in some cases triple in an attempt to curb irresponsible driving.

Wheels24 reader PIERRE VAN DYK shares his thoughts:

Traffic officers on patrol are useless. They are lazy, half asleep and probably afraid too.

It is pointless to increase fines as offences are not recognised. Only focusing on speed limits (ie. sitting behind their cameras) is narrow-minded in the spectrum of offences.


I have also noticed that there are zones where speed limits are too low, i.e. 60 km/h instead of 70 km/h or 80 km/h.

I particularly detest the offence of inconsiderate driving as that will usually lead to something worse. Watch how many drivers fail to indicate early that they are going to turn or change lanes.

I have stopped in a street with my vehicle indicator on to reverse into a parallel parking space, only for an idiot to stop behind me, hooting while I’m trying to park.

I have stopped at a four-way crossing when an idiot turned right (my left) in front of me without indicating.


I have never seen a traffic cop watching and issuing fines at an intersection for failure to indicate, crossing a robot (or a stop street) without stopping.

I also have a problem with traffic lights. This is an invention to control stopping at busy intersections for inconsiderate drivers.

When a robot is faulty (i.e. remaining red) or too ‘slow,’ you should be forgiven for treating it like a stop sign when red (i.e. crossing when there is no oncoming traffic).

Lastly  a slow vehicle on a freeway (120km/h zone) at night with no rear lights is very dangerous.

Click here for a full list of the traffic fine increases.
Click here to read the full Western Cape law offence code (pre-August 2014 increase)

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