Best-selling vehicles in SA

With the new year in full swing, we take a look at some of the top-selling vehicles in SA by segment for December 2017.

Would you want to pump your own fuel?

‘One of the strangest things about driving overseas, is having to pump your own fuel. Would you want to?’ asks Lance Branquinho.


Your daily drive makes life pretty noisy for whales

As unlikely as it may seem, your drive to the supermarket is responsible for a lot of noise pollution in our oceans – and a lot of stress to marine life as a result.


The future of electric vehicles according to energy experts

Since Tesla started to commercialize its first electric vehicle (EV) in the mid-2000s, companies such Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi and BMW have developed and started to sell EVs.

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Understeer and oversteer explained

If you’re a driving enthusiast, you would have likely heard about oversteer and understeer. If you’re just a casual driver, the term is probably considered irrelevant. Understanding it though could simply improve your driving.

Ferrari Portofino revealed in SA

2018-02-23 15:09

The Ferrari Portofino made its official debut in South Africa .

Mercedes, Ferrari... More 2018 F1 cars revealed

2018-02-23 13:04

From Ferrari to Mercedes... Here are some of the 2018 Formula 1 cars revealed so far.

WATCH: That time a bear sat in traffic and waved to motorists

2018-02-23 11:08

Motorists in Russia were in for a shock after spotting a bear sitting upright in the sidecar of a motorcycle. Watch as the bear makes its way through traffic.

Consumer reports: Which brands make the most reliable cars?

2018-02-23 13:00

Genesis, Audi and BMW emerged as the top three performing brands in the luxury automotive sector says Consumer Reports.

Alonso 'excited' as McLaren unveil new F1 car

2018-02-23 12:45

Double world champion Fernando Alonso said he was "excited but also apprehensive" as McLaren became the final major Formula 1 team to unveil their car for the new campaign.

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