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F1 rejects 'short GP' proposal

2014-06-19 14:04

COST-CUTTING REJECTED: A proposal for axing Friday practice has been reportedly been rejected in F1. Image: AFP/Wang Zhao

VIENNA, Austria - Earlier on Thursday (June 19), Wheels24 reported that teams met to discuss the future of Formula 1. On the agenda was cost-cutting measures, declining TV ratings and the possibility of dropping Friday practice sessions.

Approved proposals will be presented to the federation's World Motor Sport Council in Munich, Germany, on June 26 2014. According to Germany's auto Motor und Sport all but one proposal was rejected.

F1 correspondent Michael Schmidt said: "The shorter GP weekend failed due to opposition from the (race) organisers and the big teams that had earlier agreed."


That's not the only proposal to hit the dust.

Schmidt explained said: "With one exception, every proposal was rejected by the 26-member panel."

The proposed ban on tyre warmers was another victim of the meeting but Pirelli has offered to pay teams that run its logo on blankets in 2015 R2.9-million.

So, the only cost-cutting done for 2015 and beyond was in the already tightly-restricted area of testing. All pre-season testing will now take place in Europe, as Bahrain was ruled too expensive a destination.


The eight days of in-season testing has been reduced to four in 2015, with two days reserved for young drivers. In 2016, winter testing will shrink from twelve to just eight days, with a total in-season testing ban to once again be enforced.

A team insider said: "Once again we have failed to save hardly anything, but at least the crazy idea of the shorter weekend is gone."

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