New Renault Captur in SA

Renault has expanded its SA compact SUV range with the launch of the new Captur.

Renault: 50 years of ‘voiture a vivre’

Renault effectively moved the goal posts when they unveiled the 'Renault 16' in 1975, 50 years on and the hallmarks still ring true for their current models.

Formula 1

Todt rules on booze ads on F1 cars

During the 2015 Monaco GP a European alcohol policy group said the amount of alcohol-related exposure in F1 was "extreme". The FIA's Jean Todt weighs-in...


F1 teams to face wrath over regs

2015-05-28 11:42

Formula 1's governing body will take a no-nonsense approach after teams, including Ferrari and Honda, allegedly found ways around the regulations.

Nico wants his lucky charm at every GP

2015-05-28 08:37

Mercedes' F1 driver Nico Rosberg believes there's a certain good fortune granting him victory at Formula 1 races. Now he wants that luck at every race...

Lotus boss denies Max was 'brake-tested'

2015-05-28 07:35

Lotus and Toro Rosso are still playing the blame game since rookie Max Verstappen's severe crash during the 2015 Monaco GP. Who was really at fault?

Hakkinen backs young 'Mad Max' overtake

2015-05-27 12:13

Two former Formula 1 drivers has come to the defence of young 'Mad' Max Vertsappen's crazy crash and the penalty dealt to him after the Monaco GP.

Villota family looks to court over Maria

2015-05-27 12:08

Despite F1 team Marussia, now called Manor, being cleared of wrongdoing, Maria de Villota's family is considering legal action.

F1 probe into De Villota's death terminated

2015-05-27 08:10

An investigation into the death of former Marussia test driver Maria de Villota, who died in 2013 possibly due to injuries suffered in a horrific crash a year earlier, has ended.

Merc F1 boss: 'More common-sense needed'

2015-05-27 08:02

Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff says the team needs to use more common-sense after costing Lewis Hamilton the Monaco GP.

F1 Season
Date Grand Prix Time
07 June Canadian Grand Prix 08:00 PM
21 June Austrian Grand Prix 02:00 PM
05 July British Grand Prix 02:00 PM

F1 Standings

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F1: Seven facts you probably didn't know

You might be surprised to learn these 7 facts about the world's most expensive form of motorsport: Formula 1.

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