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Tipsy, Taxis, Trucks, Thoughtless drivers... 4 biggest problems with SA roads

2016-12-01 08:32

Ronnie Naidoo

RECKLESS DRIVING, A KILLER ON OUR ROADS: The majority of readers believe reckless drivers are to blame for the majority of road deaths. Image: Arrive Alive


Wheels24 user lvuyozililo sent in this harrowing clip of two truck drivers attempting to race each other as lanes merge.

Durban - Just over a year ago I was returning to Durban on a six hour journey from Sasolburg.

As a driver you have all that time to observe, be amazed, shocked, disgusted and just shake your head when you travel on our roads.

It seems useless to complain to the Transport Department, the relevant minister, a political party or whomever.

Deaths on our roads

It is costing South Africa Billions annually because of the great number of accidents and deaths on our roads. I am sure we rank very high, internationally, in terms of the rate of accidents and deaths on the roads.
Many concerned South Africans are concerned what will the final death tally be on our roads at the end of the school holiday in January 2017? One can only pray and hope that it will be lower than last year. Be that as it may, one can almost safely conclude that more than 1000 precious lives will be lost through senseless and ridiculous acts on our roads.

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Over the years, many projects were undertaken to curb road crashes especially during the holiday seasons. To date, we have not seen any success. 

Let me outline what my thoughts were on my trip about our roads and causes of the many accidents.

I've identified the letter T to best illustrate the situation:

T = Tipsy
T = Taxis
T = Trucks
T = Thoughtless 

It will be an interesting exercise if a Project T is embarked on for 2014, not just during the holiday seasons. Project T’s main focus will be the Tipsy, Taxis, Trucks and the Thoughtless drivers on our roads.

TIPSY: It is so amazing that drunk drivers get away so easily on our roads. I wonder if sterner measures like suspension of licences will not make a difference.

Reader speaks: Stop the taxi madness on SA roads

TAXIS: So many accidents on our roads involve Taxis. In many cases, it seems that the drivers are in such a hurry. Is there any consideration that innocent precious lives are placed in their hands to ensure a safe arrival at their destinations? One wonders if sufficient pressure is placed on Taxi Owners and Drivers to reduce accidents.

WATCH: SA truck nearly smashes into driver on slipway

TRUCKS: Truck drivers on long trips are also in a big rush, speeding on the fast lanes and overtaking without much thought. At times going faster than the cars, and certainly faster than the regulated speeds boldly displayed on back of the trucks. I could be wrong but perhaps the drivers of the trucks may be lacking experience. Is it that they have just no regard for other motorists?

Their intimidating speeds and their thoughtless meandering onto fast lanes causes fast moving cars reducing speeds from 120km/h to at times down to 40km/h. This is unacceptable and certainly causes delays and an inconvenience and traffic build up to smooth moving traffic.

Bad driving in SA: 4 clips that reveal reckless drivers

THOUGHTLESS: We have more than a few thoughtless drivers on SA roads. They could fall into one of a few categories:-

1. Drink and yet choose to drive.
2. Those who have no regard for the value of lives.
3. Those who refuse to exercise road courtesy when on the road.
4. Those who have plain disregard for road signs, officials and other road users

I am forced to add one more T = Traffic Officials. Please, please, please – do not be like crooks and hide in bushes to trap motorists. Your action is causing motorists to lose respect for the law.

Let the motorist see you clearly. Is the intention of the Traffic Department to make money through speedsters or to see our roads become safer and hence a reduction of accidents and deaths on our South African roads?

Is there anyone out there listening?...     

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