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Bad driving in SA: 4 clips that reveal reckless drivers

2016-07-29 07:27

RECKLESS DRIVING: Wheels24 reader Dewald Luce shares shocking dashcam footage captured in SA. Image: YouTube


A driver uses his car as a battering ram and attempts to run down a fellow road user in this bizarre altercation.

Dewald Luce

Cape Town - Reckless drivers are unfortunately common throughout South Africa. Many motorists are confronted by inconsiderate drivers that not only endanger themselves but the lives of fellow road users through their selfish actions.

In July, Wheels24 users have sent us many videos revealing shocking road behaviour on SA's roads.

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Wheels24 user Dewald Luce shares four videos of motorists disregarding the laws of the road. The videos, captured via dash-cam, include reckless taxi drivers and selfish motorists.

4 shocking clips you need to see:

1 Close shave

Luce writes that the driver in a black Ford Fiesta was captured attempting to overtake three cars in a row with little success.

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Luce says he was forced to slam on his brakes to allow the Fiesta to slip ahead. The reason? An oncoming taxi was fast approaching and the Fiesta driver was determined to complete his/her reckless overtaking manoeuvre.

2 Taxi skipping a red light

In Corlett Drive, Illovo, Luce captured this video of a taxi skipping a red traffic light. In the video, Luce approaches the red light and comes to a complete stop. After a few seconds a taxi pulls up to his right and proceeds to cross the intersection. You might say "this happens all the time in SA" but we should ask ourselves why is this kind of irresponsible behaviour is common place on our roads?

3 Illegal turn-in

This incident took place at the crossing of Rietspruit & RHK roads, Samrand. There are two lanes; one for those heading straight or left, the other a redistricted to a right-turn. A taxi can be seen driving across from the left lane, illegally crossing lanes in order to turn right. Luce, clearly agitated by this driver, cuts in front the taxi and forces him/her to fall back.

4 Stopping for nothing!

Another taxi, another red light. This incident also took place in Corlett Drive, Illovo but this time a taxi driver did not bother to stop at the red light. 

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