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Found them! SA's five cheapest SUVs

2017-05-19 10:15

Charlen Raymond

MORE AFFORDABLE: The Mahindra Thar is one of SA's more affordable SUVs. Image: QuickPic

Cape Town - Though it's SUVs from the upper echelons of the segment that enjoys more preference amongst South Africa’s car-buying public, lower down the price scales there are offerings that are gentler on the budget.

Fun for under R300k

For under R300 000, the new vehicle market offers a range of SUVs that are both affordable and versatile. And unlike the more expensive offerings, these SUVs you actually want to take off-road.

Sure, it may not have the luxury and refinement of more expensive offerings, but you can actually have a decent amount of fun in them.

The Mahindra Thar and Suzuki Jimny are two offerings that play the SUV game, but offer something more directed at chasing the mud. These two SUVs are the more impractical in this list, but has more personality than most SUVs in SA combined. 

Nevertheless, here are our list of SA’s five most affordable SUVs:

1 Mahindra Thar - R219 995

The Thar is SA’s most affordable SUV, but it is pretty much one dimensional. But apart from that, here is an SUV that wants to get down and dirty on an off-road course. And just by looking at it you can’t help but tap into your adventurous side. If ever you needed an SUV for pure fun, this is it.

2 Mahindra TUV300 - R229 995

Unlike the Thar, the TUV300 is a lot more practical and family-orientated. It can easily transport seven passengers with ease, which is pretty alluring for a vehicle at this price.

3 Renault Duster - R239 900

The Duster is one of Renault SA’s stalwarts and every month a solid amount of this SUV find new owners. It has good ground clearance, room for five passengers and their luggage and a drivetrain that can go the distance. If peace of mind is what you’re after, your money won’t go to waste.

4 Suzuki Jimny - R256 900

If ever there was an underdog, the Jimny would be it! A formidable off-roader and often a first-choice vehicle for adventure seekers. The Jimny has been in SA for the best part of 10 years, but it lost none of the traits that made it a hit on the off-road course. Impractical, yes. But it is huge fun.

5 JMC Landwind - R289 880 (excludes special offer currently running)

Definitely one of the better looking SUVs in this list, the Landwind is a Chinese product offering a solid package. The Wheels24 team had it on test late in 2016 and felt that this SUV had enough going for it to warrant its position in the SA new vehicle market.


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