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WATCH: Ferrari crashes in Cape Town - not a good way to start your Wednesday morning

2018-09-05 10:04

Robin Classen

Ferrari crash N2

Image: Zukile Daniel

Heavy rain continues to lash the Western Cape, flooding roads and causing adverse driving conditions throughout the province.

Slippery roads can be incredibly dangerous as one unfortunate Ferrari 488 GTB driver found out in Cape Town early on Wednesday morning (Sep 5).

According to a technician at CF towing, who was at the scene, the Ferrari collided with a concrete barrier along the N2 highway near Cape Town International Airport (watch the video further below in this article).

The damage to the Ferrari is extensive with the front end destroyed in the crash. You can also spot the airbags which have been deployed.

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We've included tips and advice for readers dealing with adverse weather conditions in SA at the end of this article.

Ferrari crash N2

                                                                    Image: Zukile Daniel/News24

Check out the video:

Here are a few tips for driving in the rain: list by the AA

1. Always turn on your vehicle’s headlights in wet weather. 
2. In heavy rain use the brighter (rear fog lights) setting for your car’s tail lights. 
3. Make sure your wiper blades are in good condition and do a clean sweep. 
4. Do not allow the inside of your car's windows to mist up. Switch on front and rear screen demisters and your aircon - yes, an aircon dries the air and removes mist almost instantly.
5. Check your tyre tread: the legal minimum is 1mm but for safety's sake make sure it's treble that.
6. Worn shock-absorbers don't keep the rubber hard down on the road; no road contact = no ABS, no grip and very little braking.
7. Cloudy and rain = poor visibility. Take extra care when overtaking - and remember not all drivers coming towards you will have their headlights on.
8. Adjust speed and following distance; at least six seconds to the car ahead. Ensure you can stop within the visible area ahead. 
9. Avoid abrupt acceleration, braking and steering which can result in a skid.
10. Don't drive through deep water. It could damage your car and possibly cost you your life.
11. If you have no option but to drive through such water, then drive slowly in a low gear, holding the steering wheel steady.
12. After driving in heavy rain allow your brakes to dry - especially if your vehicle has drum brakes. 
13. If you experience car/bike trouble turn on your hazard lights and try to move completely off the road. If possible, ensure that you have a reflective warning triangle to erect some distance behind your vehicle.

Ferrari crash N2
                                                                  Image: Zukile Daniel/News24


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