Video: Making of Jaguar C-X75

2013-06-27 10:14

Earlier in 2013 we told you that Jaguar's C-X75 hybrid-supercar would not make to production as originally planned.

The ultracar was revealed as a concept at the 2010 Paris auto show and was supposed to enter a small production run of 250 units in 2015 but Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar's global brand director, confirmed that’s no longer the case.

Watch the video!

Hallmark said: “When we announced the project during the worst economic downturn this country’s ever seen we expected things to have improved by now. Considering the economic landscape and  austerity measures, making a R15-million supercar seems wrong – especially when we are working on more important projects.”


Despite the news, the prototypes will continue to be developed by a small team of Jaguar and Williams F1 engineers.

The automaker managed to create a 373kW 1.6 turbocharged and supercharged F1-inspired engine to work in sync with a light electric motor for a total of around 900Nm and 633kW. An advanced liquid-cooled and air-conditioned battery pack allows a 100km battery-only mode.

The all-wheel drive model can sprint to 100km/h in less than three seconds and reach 354km/h. Overall emissions are rated at less than 89g/km.


While all these figures are now largely meaningless, the technology behind them isn’t. Hallmark said: “We’ve patented more than 100 technologies during this project and many of those we’ll continue to develop for our other road cars."

“The new 1.6 engine family we are developing for production will use the high-pressure, supercharged and turbocharged systems to give us high-performance versions of four-cylinder engines.”


Jaguar has released a video showing the making of its hybrid-supercar prototype. In a video uploaded to YouTube, the automaker shows the origins of its prototype as well as putting it through its paces during testing.

YouTube commenter Ludofjn said: "Put it into production. Don't make five, auction three and put the other two in museums. Make it Jaguar, prove that Tata can make a first-rate supercar. Then when you refresh the F-Type, give it kers."

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