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Jag C-X75 concept set for build?

2010-10-11 11:04

ROAD AHEAD: The C-X75 is a range-extended supercar concept capable of reaching 330 km/h.

These days, when a concept car is shown, it’s usually a given that the production car is not too far off.

So it came as a little surprise when Jaguar said it was planning production feasibility studies for its mid-engined C-X75 concept shown at the recent Paris auto show.

Automotive News reports that two production levels are under consideration. Each will be independently explored because they each requires different production models. The high-volume model would rely on more automation (with its resultant higher tooling costs), while the low-volume model would require more hand assembly.

A production version of the gas turbine-powered C-X75 has been put on hold for five to seven years while the Bladon Jets microturbines used in the hybrid electric powertrain are subjected to more rigorous tests.

For the production car to be true to its concept, it would require the use of the gas turbines. These take up so little space in the engine bay that concept designers have been able to position the cabin further back than in a typical supercar.

It is estimated that the cost of developing the turbines for production would be significantly lower than the cost of developing an equivalent conventional engine.


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