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Vettel's '14 fortune riding on Suzie

2014-03-13 09:08

THERE'S A NEW GIRL AROUND: Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel has named his 2014 RB10 as Suzie.Image: AFP


MELBOURNE, Australia - Sebastian Vettel has announced the name of his latest Red Bull race car but he and 'Suzie' will have to display ability beyond anything before if they want the German to win his fifth consecutive F1 Drivers' title.

"The new RB10, we also call her 'Suzie'," Vettel said on his personal website. "There is no reason for that, we just liked the name."

Suzie follows in the tyre tracks of Hungry Heidi, Abbey, Kinky Kylie, Luscious Liz, Randy Mandy, Kate's Dirty Little Sister and Kate.


With the Red Bull team still struggling to figure out the 2014 technical regulations it remains to be seen just how successful Suzie will be. With the season starting on Sunday with the Australian GP in Melbourne, Vettel will have to prove his know-how behind the wheel to get the Red Bull team on par with the other teams.

Vettel said in an interview with DPA: "What's important is me giving exact feedback about how the car handles and the problems, how the car and engine feel, so that everybody working on it can understand it a little better and get rid of the problems quicker.

"Everybody in the team is really in good spirits and ready to give their best. I don't think anybody needs a kick in the rear."

The 2013 Red Bull car - Hungry Heidi - won the final nine races of 2013, her/his most recent non-victory dating back to late July, but Red Bull's goal with Suzie in Melbourne will be to just finish the race. Vettel said the team was in new territory after such dominance through five years which brought four Driver's and Constructor's titles, 47 victories and 57 pole starts.

"We were very spoilt with success," Vettel admitted, "but at the end of the day the season hasn't even really started. We are determined to push forward despite the difficult times."

One thing is certain: Vettel knows he, Suzie and the whole Red Bull crew have plenty of time. "The year is long. I think the challenge to get used to the new conditions is the same for all teams and drivers.

"It's a long time until (the final race on) November 23 and a lot can happen, race by race. Since everything is new, the expectations start at zero as well. And because of the difficulties we had in the tests, the first couple of races are extremely important to give us the direction of the rest of the season."

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