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Vettel: 'Kimi and I will be just fine'

2014-11-17 08:35

SMOOTH SAILING? Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel (left) says he and (probably) 2015 Ferrari team mate Kimi Raikkonen (pictured during Lotus days, right) will get along 'just fine'.Image: AP

LONDON, England -Sebastian Vettel has apparently grown tired of the extended wait to officially announce his switch to Ferrari.

The fact that the outgoing F1 champion is leaving Red Bull is confirmed but his move to Ferrari - although an open secret in the paddock - is still awaiting the outcome of Fernando Alonso's contractual impasse.

Vettel let the cat out of the bag in Brazil during the 2014 Sao Paulo GP while filling out a fun questionnaire for the Italian broadcaster Sky. Asked the question "Sebastian Vettel is...?" the 27-year-old completed the sentence with the hand-written answer "...a driver for Scuderia Ferrari".


Vettel has spoken frankly to a German Sunday newspaper about the fact that current Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen will be his team mate in 2015. Finn Raikkonen is nicknamed 'The Iceman' because he can be uncommunicative with team mates and colleagues but he and Vettel actually get along well, regularly meeting to socialise or play badminton.

Vettel told Bild am Sonntag: "I see myself getting along with Kimi just fine. He's always straight and direct so, on the human side, I expect absolutely no problems in the future."

Vettel had a well-documented tense relationship with his former Red Bull team mate Mark Webber but was expecting no such issues in 2015. "He (Raikkonen) has zero interest in the politics within a team."

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