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Polo and Polo Vivo aside, here's how well the rest of the cars do for Volkswagen

2019-02-22 12:00

Janine Van der Post

VW Dealership

Image: iStock

Everyone knows that the Polo and Polo Vivo are Volkswagen South Africa's bread-and-butter product. Each model sells in excess of 2000 units monthly. In January this year, 2512 and 2461 units were sold respectively, according to the latest Naamsa figures.

But how well does the rest of the model range fare?

The brand's next best-selling vehicle is the beautiful Tiguan with 448 SUVs sold. The Golf 7 is sill a popular hatchback and sold 259 models for the first month of the year.

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Next is the brand's bakkie with 231 units of the Amarok sold.

The Up little city car found 197 new owners during January.

The Kombi, with its long-standing heritage, is still a firm favourite with 72 models sold. The Jetta sold the same amount of units.

The Caddy moved 61 units while the larger Toureg SUV sold 31. The stunning Arteon premium sedan found 21 new owners.

The Caravelle moved 18 models off showroom floors while the Passat still managed to sell 4 units. The Beetle model still stirs emotions as 3 units were sold.

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