The cars the SA government is buying

"We often complain that government has ridiculous vehicle purchasing habits but the data tells us that expenditure on cars is being curbed."

WATCH: Best save ever?

South African Moto2 rider Steven Odendaal pulled off one of the greatest 'saves' in motorsport at the Czech GP.

vw golf gti

SEE | 8 facts you should know about South Africa’s car market

Have you ever wondered what the most-searched for vehicle brand is, or the most searched car variant or body style? AutoTrader has published a report revealing never-seen-before insights into South Africa’s car market.


Rental-car white or flashy red - Here are the most popular car colours in the world

2019-08-21 09:00

From electric mobility to digitalisation, the automotive sector is experiencing a constant revolution but there is still a special moment at the time of buying a vehicle that has not changed - choosing the colour of their future car.

Creta vs CX-3 vs EcoSport vs Captur: which has the best resale value?

2019-08-20 07:00

The world is in love with sports utility vehicles (SUVs)! Smaller SUVs or crossovers – such as the Hyundai Creta, Mazda CX-3, Ford EcoSport and Renault Captur – are proving that you don’t need to sacrifice luxury or style when “buying down”.

SEE: More than R230-million was spent on government cars

2019-08-06 10:00

From luxury BMWs to budget VW Polos, government has purchased a host of new vehicles in July 2019. Here's how much was spent on cars...

SEE: Hilux, Ranger, NP300... these are the bakkies government is buying

2019-08-06 06:30

"We finally have government bakkies purchase statistics, and the numbers are interesting," writes Lance Branquinho.

vw golf gti

The essence of Vrrphaaa: Is the Volkswagen Golf GTI still the ultimate everyday hot hatch?

"For those that enjoy cars, it’s about how they make us feel when we drive them. And the GTI, well it makes me want to drive all the time," says Sean Parker as he tests the Volkswagen Golf '7.5' GTI.

WATCH: Here are five cars that you might not know were related

19/03/2019 08:39 More and more car companies are working together to create new vehicles. Here are five examples of part-sharing and synergy between car firms that you may not know about.
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