WATCH: Bentley's new 467kW Continental GT

The new third-gen Bentley Continental GT boasts 467kW, 900Nm and a top speed of 333km/h.

Meet VW's SA-bound baby SUV, the T-Cross

A disguised prototype of the T-Cross, VW's new baby crossover SUV, is being tested on public roads.

Top 5 getaway rides, amazing cars designed by kids - top motoring stories you shouldn't miss

2018-06-01 19:00

Robin Classen

Image: The News Market

From fuel prices hikes hitting SA to awesome kids designing their own cars, check out these top motoring stories of the week.

With vehicle crimes on the rise in certain areas of the country, car thieves are using a technique called the 'relay attack' to steal cars from your driveway using your car key against you.

New models on show

Aston Martin have released a special edition DB11 AMR that comes with a bright lime stripe. If you're feeling to go away for the weekend, take a look at the best 5 cars to use for the journey.

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Imagine your Porsche Carrera being totalled by the hotel valet and everyone is standing around taking pictures. Sadly, this actually happened to one hapless valet!

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