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President Ramaphosa's cabinet cars: What SA's new ministers should be driving (Part 2)

2019-06-12 15:00

Lance Branquinho

cyril cabinet

Image: Lance Branquinho

The people have spoken. Government needs to cheapen its vehicle fleet. We have solutions. 

Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy:

Gwede Mantashe Fiat Panda 4x4 - R250 9000

Mining mattes. It was once the source of all South African economic development and Minister Mantashe needs to make a plan to get it going again. 

That means he needs to roll some wheels which won’t offend anyone in the oft factitious mining industry – but still have a ministerial vehicle capable enough to motor around on a mining site. 

cyril cabinet

                                                                                         Image: Lance Branquinho

Fiat’s Panda 4x4 is an excellent choice in this regard. Capable in the mild off-road environment of a mining site, but also absolutely a vehicle without any legacy or intent to offend whoever might be working there: either management or labour. 

Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure:

Patricia De Lille Nissan NP200 base - R173 500

South African infrastructure projects are notorious for running late and dreadfully over budget. Minster De Lille will be tasked to ensure this does not keep happening.

For that purpose she need a bakkie, as most public works and infrastructure projects happen on building sites (obviously). But that doesn’t mean she needs a big or expensive bakkie, just something that can carry some elementary tools or a bag or two of cement in the back.

cyril cabinet

                                                                                    Image: Nissan

Nissan’s NP200 1.6 base prices competitively and can carry 800kg. Done deal. 

Minister of Tourism:

Nkhensani Kubayi-Ngubane Datsun Go+ - R159 600

When the Rand slides, tourism is an industry that benefits. It also earns the country valuable foreign currency. To assist Minister Kubayi-Ngubane, the vehicle of choice for any tourism portfolio leader should have a lot of seats.

And one of the cheapest ways to move around six passengers (and a driver) in South Africa, is Datsun’s Go+ station wagon. Now upgraded with front airbags and anti-lock brakes, it is everything a tourism minister needs – at a very competitive price. 

cyril cabinet

                                                                                                 Image: Datsun

Minister of Trade and Industry:

Ebrahim Patel VW Polo Vivo - R191 400

A man who is crucial to South Africa’s economic destiny, much of which will hinge on Minister Patel’s ability to negotiate favourable trade agreements. 

Local vehicles exports are one of the few things we do well, at the moment. Hence, Minister Patel should be moving around in the most affordable version of South Africa’s most successfully vehicle export, to show faith in our most popular local vehicle product: VW’s Vivo. 

cyril cabinet

                                                                                         Image: Volkswagen

Minister of Transport: 

Fikile Mbalula, Toyota Sesfikile - R419 900

For those of us who own and love cars, the most important cabinet member of all. 

In reality, most South Africans use public transport and it is not the calibre of service you encounter in Europe. South Africans have to use private initiative public transport, which is a euphemistic way of saying most people use a Toyota Sesfikile to get to work. 

cyril cabinet

                                                                                           Image: Toyota

Fair play, then, that the Minister of transport should also have one, as his government vehicle. There’s even convergence in the name: (Ses)Fikile…


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