WATCH: Celebrating the iconic GTR

Wheels24 contributor Ferdi De Vos takes a look at the history of the Nissan Skyline GT-R, Japan's most iconic performance car.

First Lamborghini Aventador SVJ now in SA

The first Lamborghini Aventador SVJ has just been shipped into SA for a cool R9 695 000 and it's absolutely breathtaking.

Bugatti's 1103kW Divo sold out, fuel-sipping cars in SA - Top car stories of the day

2018-10-05 19:00

Robin Classen

Image: Wheels24 / Sergio Davids

If you're wondering how much it will cost you to fill your tank and how far your last R100 will take you, take a look at the top 5 most fuel efficient cars and how they far in the midst of the record petrol price hike.

Bugatti's 1 103kW hypercar, the Divo made its debut at the Paris Motor Show and its 40 specially made units has already been sold out.

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Road rage is still a frequent occurrence on the roads and a poll commissioned by Hyundai shows just how much motorists insult or shout by the amount of kilometre's they travel.

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'If you are looking for a tough and no-nonsense SUV, then look no further than the revamped Renault Duster,' says Wheels24 contributor Naresh Maharaj.

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