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SEE: 'Watch the road you *@#&!' Drivers will swear, lose their cool up to 41 times for every 160km travelled - poll

2018-10-04 13:11

Robin Classen

ANGER GETS YOU NOWHERE: Most drivers make themselves guilty of exhibiting road rage, but in the end it's all for nothing, or could lead to dire consequences. Image: iStock

Traffic and inconsiderate motorists can often cause tempers to flare behind the wheel. A study shows some drivers swear 41 times for every 160km travelled.

OnePoll.com, commissioned by Hyundai, polled 2000 drivers and found they typically swear 41 times during every 160km travelled.

The automaker said: "The typical motorist commutes 600km to and from work during an average month and in the process they’ll curse 152 times on average."

                                                                                           Image: iStock

During a month of school runs, where 100km are covered on average, foul-mouthed drivers will typically curse 26 times. 

Some key findings:

  • 38% said they are especially prone to losing their cool when driving.
  • Four in 10 motorists revealed driving is when they tend to swear most often.
  • 46% don’t think they curse too much when behind the wheel.
  • 39% have sworn while driving and felt bad about it later on.

Hyundai said: "It’s been fascinating to delve into the mindset of drivers with this research, which has been commissioned as part of Clean Driving Month where we’re calling on all drivers to drive a little bit cleaner.

"Whether that’s getting in the right mindset to keep their attitude and language clean, improving their driving style or championing the benefits of alternative fuels."

Potty mouthed drivers

According to data compiled by ResearchGate, stress, anger and breaking the rules of the road are all contributing factors to cursing behind the wheel. Reactions to breaking the rules of the road and dangerous driving tops the list for reason for motorists to blurt out expletives.

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So where do people normally insult or scream while driving? Well, it seems that urban areas and on highways are the most common areas.

Check out these graphs below: Info by ResearchGate


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