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Ferrari's F1 magic lights up Soweto

2014-02-17 10:04

FERRARI F1 CAR HOWLS IN SOWETO: Yes, that's Soweto's Soccer World Cup stadium in the background and yes they're smokin' Ferrari tyres up front. It was demo day for the F60 car in Gauteng. Image: SHELL

SOWETO, Gauteng - Thousands of fans turned out to cheer driver Marc Gené when he brought Formula 1 and a Ferrari  F60 used in the 2009 F1 championship to Soweto the day after Saint Valentine's Day 2014.

The Spanish driver took to a specially prepared street circuit, complete with hay bales and Ferrari and fuel-supplier Shell's bunting, laid out outside the city's World Cup soccer stadium to slide through hairpin corners and chicanes and hurtle down a long straight.

South African musician and fuel company "ambassador" and kwaito star Kabelo Mabalane hosted the day and treated Sowetans to some of his best music.


Gené was supported by Ferrari team engineers and mechanics for a recreation of a pit stop, including a full tyre change, to give the crowd a taste of F1 for real. He said:

"Seeing a Formula 1 car for the first time and feeling its power is something you never forget. It’s a privilege for me to be here in Johannesburg to bring so many people their first experience of Scuderia Ferrari and Formula 1."

Mabalane chipped in: “It’s been a spectacular day full of excitement. Watching Marc drive down the straight in his Ferrari was an awesome sight..”

Debbie Foley, marketing manager for Shell SA, added later: “Thanks to everybody who came out today. It was an extraordinary moment."

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