'Ban Bernie, he's causing the F1 farce'

2015-04-02 07:58

Bernie Ecclestone should be banned from ALL forms of motorsport, he's the main cause for Formula 1 becoming a complete farce.

He has so many fingers in so many pies and, at the age of 84, has lost any track of any sensible cohesive thought pertaining to any form of racing. He is so focused on making himself money that F1 has become a victim of the Ecclestone disease.

We were forced to say goodbye to the German GP (and many others).


Ecclestone claimed Lewis Hamilton is a better champion and ambassador than Sebastian Vettel. Is it because the “mighty” Lewis is English and the “pathetic” Vettel is German?

Please show me where Vettel has failed as a champion. He is courteous in defeat and always pleasant, where Lewis  is only accommodating and cheerfull when winning.

The main difference between Vettel and Hamilton is that Vettel is an honest, skilled driver and Hamilton is a nurtured and "carried" driver (as in a McLaren driver from karting days up to F1). Look at how he showed his loyalty to then team boss Ron Dennis after years of support and training - 'Bye Ron, Hi Mercedes'.

Eccelstone is the bane of F1 and no, I'm not a Vettel supporter). My pick would be Fernando Alonso, whom I have supported since his Minardi days and who is still the only driver to have beaten the phenomenal Michael Schumacher on equal terms (didn’t see that German coming, did you Bernie?).

English F1 championships, total 10 from eight drivers, whereas German F1 championships total 11 from two drivers. The English are not that mighty after all, are they Bernie?

And no, I’m not German, I'm Scottish.


Earlier in March, Wheels24 reported that Ecclestone wanted a women-only series. Does the pathetic sexist really think that any real woman would not want to compete against a field of proper racing drivers?

Get rid of Ecclestone. Maybe then F1 can become the pinnacle of motorsport that it was and not the current orchestrated, boring, excuse for racing that Bernie and his buddies have turned it into.

Thanks for letting me vent, have a brilliant one.

Go Alonso! You and Jenson Button get that Honda-powered McLaren car sorted and show them who’s boss.

Och aye, the noo!

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  • Wesselv - 2015-04-02 08:20

    Could simply not agree more. Bernie has slowly but surely screwed F1 into a hole that will take years to dig out off. He is a corrupt and controlling little troll that knows when his head rolls, the sport will thrive. PS: Alonso is amazing. To have done with the Ferrari he was given, was a feat no other driver could have done. And yes, the only man to have beaten the Legend on equal terms. #ForzaAlonso

      Jonathan Paul Marais - 2015-04-02 21:06

      And he dragged that half powered mclaren honda into the points before retiring. His luck will change. Forza alonso.

  • Fanie Gerber - 2015-04-02 09:15

    Fully agree! Ecclestone is the main cause of F1's decline. Unfortunately getting rid of him will not cure the ills of F1. The Ecclestone-rot is to deeply ingrained in the whole F1 scenario. I am not a great Vettel fan, but there is no doubt about his driving skills. If he gets to leading the field he is a hard man to beat. Hamilton I cannot stomach because he lacks any form of sportsmanship.

      Jonathan Paul Marais - 2015-04-02 21:12

      Lewis cameltoe wants to be a superstar. Illuminati probably got him by now

  • Gerhard Pieterson - 2015-04-02 19:38

    Retire Bernie. Many people his age are retired and live to enjoy their retirement. There are also many in homes of support because of deterioration of good and honest decision making, which is quite acceptable in old age. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE IF ONE CARRIES ON BLABBING SENSELESSLY AND KILL A GOOD SPORT JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE MONEY!!!

  • David Scott Duncan - 2015-04-02 19:55

    I love F1...just not in it's current format. Remember the days of variety. Of two tyre suppliers. Of refueling in the pits. When the drivers actually raced! The fastest driver no longer wins but rather the best eco-nut who can manage their car the best. May be tough to do but boring to watch. I loved watching Bridgestone and Michelin battle it out. To see one tyre reign supreme to all of a sudden find that the other comes into their own as the conditions changed. Remember when the final 10 laps saw someone storming through the field by 2/3 seconds trying to make up 20 seconds. That 'can he/can't he' was exhilirating! Today it's an economy run. And sadly, incredibly boring

      Jonathan Paul Marais - 2015-04-02 21:10

      I remember the williams bmw/montoya giving schumi a hard time with michelin tyres, i remember the michelin guys qualifying infront of bridgestone and schumi smashing lap times to beat them. I remember those cars screaming and not these lawnmower engines.

  • Jonathan Paul Marais - 2015-04-02 21:07

    Bernie is the jacob zuma/robert mugabe of f1 lol

  • Michael Clifford Georgopoulos - 2015-04-03 12:50

    he is just like Sid Blatter.....these OLD MOULDY FARTS..will never let go!!!He has fu....up the sport so badly that even people in Germany and other venues don't want to see it any more.TV intrest has dropped by over 36% world wide.......This "look alike" Hugh Hefner.....MUST GO!!! and very quickly before the sport dies completely.

  • Michael Johnston - 2015-04-03 18:31

    Give them all the fuel + tyres they need take away all the electronic BS and let's race

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