PICS: The best Porsche Cayenne S yet

The Porsche Cayenne S is one of the finalists in the 2019 SA Car of the Year competition. Warren Wilson grabs some images of the beautiful SUV. Take a look...

WATCH: The most extravagant cars exhibited at Geneva Motor Show

2019-03-08 22:31

Janine Van der Post


Image: AFP

Traditionally one of the most popular events for luxury brands, the Geneva Motor Show is full of top-of-the-range offers ranging from the most 'bling-bling' car adaptations to hypercars and flying machines.

Geneva has the something for everyone on display, but mostly, it's an exhibit for the super-rich.

Super luxury brands which include entirely customised cars like the Mansory in mint green (it most probably has a much more fancy body colour name), with a matching interior, and let's not forget the matching baby carseat. 

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Felix Eaton, CEO of Eadon Green cars, says the Mansory's starting price starts at a cool $1-million for the base model  - and that's before taxes or any optional extras or customised bits. He adds that while Sweden might not have too many taxes, it's different in the UK where another 20% of the price can be added in taxes.

Then there's the one-off Bugatti for an extremely exclusive customer who now owns the most expensive car in the world at over R176-million. 


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