Peugeot's Crossover headed for SA

2013-06-26 11:53

TAMWORTH, England - If South African winters are anything to go by, Peugeot’s new 2008 Crossover will come in very handy when it arrives on our shores.

Launched in the UK, the car showed off its pioneering grip control enhanced traction technology by driving up and down an indoor snow slope in Tamworth, England.

Peugeot South Africa said details still need to be confirmed but the new model will arrive locally by February 2014 - derivatives and pricing are not available yet.


Motoring journalist played around with the model without grip control and struggled to get more than a few metres on the hard-packed snow of the 170-metre ski slope at the Snowdome in Tamworth, England.

Swopping to a the 2008 sporting Peugeot's traction technology was a different story as the crossover conquered the slope.

The average gradient of 27 degrees coupled with a 90-degree corner posed no problems. Drivers were encouraged to do emergency stops while descending the slope and the car’s traction system brought it quickly to a halt with the minimum of fuss.

Grip control and all-season tyres are standard on Allure and Feline trim levels with 1.6 petrol and diesel engine options.

Peugeot says the patented technology is designed for customers with active lifestyles who drive on a wide range of surfaces and occasionally need extra traction.

The standard mode is designed for normal road conditions and drivers can switch to snow, off-road, sand or ESP off modes using a dial located on the centre console. 

The 2008 Crossover with grip control will go on sale in the UK from July with a price tag equivalent to R250 700, while the range starts from R201 100.