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WATCH: Best and worst moments of the Goodwood Festival of Speed

2018-07-16 15:39

Robin Classen

Image: Newspress

The Goodwood Festival of Speed featured some of the most amazing cars and some doing the most insane things.

The McLaren Senna left spectators drooling while a Range Rover attempting to complete the hill climb on two wheels was simply spectacular.

Not all sunshine

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As is the case with any form of motorsport, there is bound to be the unfortunate driver or two - a minor misjudgement or just a spot of bad luck.

Just when you think you've seen something incredible, something else eclipses it, keeping the excitement levels up and the cars flowing.

Take a look at some of the best and worst moments of the 25th edition of the Goodwood Festival of Speed:

1. Ouch! Ford RS200 crashes out

2. Hitting the hay

3. Nascar Toyota Tundra crash

4. Falling on its side


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