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As it happened: Goodwood Festival of Speed - Old F1 cars roar up the hill

2018-07-13 15:00

Sean Parker

Image: Youtube

The first ever autonomous car to take on the famous Goodwood hill did its thing on Thursday morning as the first few supercars also had their first runs. 

But the star of the morning was definitely the 1965 Ford Mustang developed by Siemens which features technology that includes a GPS to 'learn' the circuit and navigate the 1.86km stretch. 

The event's founder, the Duke of Richmond, was one of the passengers in the Mustang. Admittedly it didn't have a perfect run up the hill, even veering close to the hay bales on one occasion. A driver was there to correct the steering, but the for the most part it was an impressive first run. 

Follow a live stream of the all the morning's action from the Goodwood estate here: 


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