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#Dakar2020's snake whisperer - Giniel de Villiers goes eye-to-eye with a deadly Cobra

2020-01-05 10:30

Charlen Raymond

dakar,giniel de villiers

Image: Instagram / Toyota SA

Snakes aren’t really to most people’s liking. Some of us have such a disdain in them that the mere thought of one sends shivers down your spine.

But not if you’re Giniel de Villiers.

In preparation for the upcoming 2020 Dakar rally, de Villiers took things to the next level as he readies himself for a new challenge in Saudi Arabia in a series of funny short ads.

Snakes and… Giniel?

For the first time in the Dakar’s history, the rally will take place in Saudi Arabia. A country known for its vast deserts and the animals that come with it, including deadly reptiles.

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And given that snakes are some of the fiercest animals on Earth, de Villiers made his intent on the dangerous unknown clear: he is ready for Saudi!

In the latest battle between man and animal, de Villiers stares down what looks to be a Cape Cobra. With neither one flinching, the camera, quite dramatically, zooms in on de Villiers’ eyes. That seems to have been a stroke of genius, because the snake chose to abandon its challenge.

Watch the video below:

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