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Oz race boycott over Alonso's crash?

2015-03-05 07:10

WHAT HAPPENED? Rumours and speculation continue to fly since Fernando Alonso's crash. Image: McLaren.

LONDON, England - Formula 1 teams are said to be threatening to boycott the Melbourne GP unless clearer information about Fernando Alonso's mysterious crash during a Catalunya test is revealed.

That's the claim published by German magazine Sport Bild now that McLaren-Honda's star driver has been sidelined for the 2015 season opener.

McLaren insists Alonso is completely uninjured but would nevertheless spend the race in the pits in Australia after an incident saw him spend four days in hospital.


Correspondents Ralf Bach and Bianca Garloff said: "Sport Bild has learned that several teams are thinking about not letting their drivers race in Melbourne on safety grounds."

Teams, they said, were worried that speculation that Alonso was rendered unconscious by an electric shock from the sport's controversial hybrid technology might be true. The magazine quoted an unnamed team boss as saying: "If a plane crashes and there is even the slightest risk... of a system fault then other planes of that type are not left in the air."

The unnamed boss added: "F1 has been lucky that nothing serious has happened with these hybrid systems. If any of my drivers had an incident I would invite all other teams to study the data - just so we can be sure.  Honda must provide answers."

Another new voice calling for more information about Alonso's mysterious crash belongs to Gian Carlo Minardi, a former team owner and boss. "Silence in cases such as this is not helpful," he was quoted as saying by Italy's La Repubblica.

"In recent years the federation has made great strides in safety and has all the tools to find out the truth. It would be desirable if it were known before the race in Australia."


When asked about the electric shock theory, he commented: "I have no evidence to support that so I can't comment. I have never worked with these power units but I'm told there are three or four fail-safe systems.

"There is this investigation by the federation so, for the good of F1 there cannot be any classified information."

The 67-year-old Italian, however, did say he was not surprised that Alonso was not taking part in racing in Melbourne.

"No," said Minardi, "it's the only normal thing in this whole affair. He is like a boxer who went down with a heavy blow. It takes time to come back even if all the tests show he is fine."

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