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Controversial campaign: This horror SA ad will make you buckle-up

2016-03-22 09:15

SHOCK TACTICS: Do you think shock tactics are effective at reducing road deaths? Watch 'The First Kiss' and share your thoughts with us. Image: YouTube

WARNING: Graphic imagery

Cape Town - The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works isn't pulling any punches with its latest road safety campaign titled 'The First kiss'.

The department's new ad, launched ahead of the Easter holiday period, shows a graphic car crash involving four youths in Cape Town.

Are shock tactics effective at reducing road deaths?

'Horrific crashes plague our roads'

Western Cape MEC, Donald Grant, said: "Vehicle occupants (drivers and passengers) continue to constitute the majority of all road deaths in the Western Cape. Research has shown that increased seatbelt compliance will mean thousands of lives saved, that would have otherwise been lost, in the horrific crashes that plague our roads.

"In response, Safely Home has launched the “First Kiss” multimedia campaign during the month of March."

Why focus on unbuckled passengers?

Grant said: "Research and statistics have shown that failure to use a seatbelt  is a certain route to death or serious injury during collisions. When a motor vehicle crash occurs, the occupants who are not restrained continue to move forward at the same speed at which the vehicle was travelling before the collision.

"They are catapulted forward into the structure of the vehicle, into other occupants or hurled from the vehicle to almost certain death."

Do you think shock tactics are effective at reducing road deaths? Email us and use our homepage voting booth.

Watch the video below: WARNING - Graphic imagery

What is the 'The First Kiss' campaign?

Grant said: "The 'First Kiss' commercial is adapted from the 'damage' advertisement produced by the Northern Ireland Department of the Environment. This advertisement was credited by the Irish Road Safety Authority as having brought about a 100% increase in backseat seatbelt wearing and 50% increase in front seat wearing rates in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Focus on realism

Grant adds: "The First Kiss' commercial has been localised to reflect Western Cape and South African circumstances, and the focus has been shifted from the crash to the people involved. The shoot took place over two days in studio and on location in Woodstock and the Bo-Kaap.

"Local companies provided all services. Real traffic officers, Forensic Pathology technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians and firemen took part in the making of the advertisement." 


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