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They sold how many?! SA's best-selling luxury SUVs

2016-09-14 08:48

WHO SAYS SOUTH AFRICANS CAN'T AFFORD LUXURY CARS? We look at the most sold luxury SUVs in SA for August 2016. Image: Wheels24

Charlen Raymond

Cape Town - The forecast for the South African vehicle market is rather bleak, especially given total sales figures for August 2016. 

Not only are units down compared to the previous month, but also 9.5% (4839 units) down on the corresponding period in 2015, reports the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of SA (Naamsa).

Despite a drop in sales, thousands of vehicles continue to be sold locally.

The Toyota Hilux and Volkswagen Polo Vivo remained on top of their respective segments.

What about super cars? SUVs? 

If you believe South Africans are 'unable to afford' supercars, you only need to read our top-selling supercar list. It reveals automakers such as Porsche, Ferrari and Jaguar are experiencing great sales to date.

Surprisingly, SUV's retailing for more than R1-million are selling well locally, with the BMW X5 and Range Rover/Range Rover Sport leading the sales charts.

Jaguar's first SUV, the all-new F-Pace, was launched in South Africa in May, and is already the seventh best-selling SUV in SA for 2016, according to Naamsa.

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Bentley's Bentayga, launched in June 2016, found 13 local owners. This may sound insignificant, but considering that the base price of Bentley's first SUV is R4-million, it's an impressive feat.

Here are the best-selling, luxury SUVs in SA: Figures by Naamsa.

1. BMW X5

Price: R948 664 - R1.8-million
Units sold in August: 138
Units sold in 2016 to date: 1060

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2. Range Rover/Range Rover Sport

Price: R1.1 - R3.6-million
Units sold in August: 79
Units sold in 2016 to date: 878

3. Jaguar F-Pace

Price: R778 996 - R1.3-million
Units sold in August: 52
Units sold in 2016 to date: 176

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4. Audi Q7

Price: R955 500 - R1.0-million
Units sold in August: 41
Units sold in 2016 to date: 386

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5. Volvo XC90

Price: R865 524 - R1.1-million
Units sold in August: 39
Units sold in 2016 to date: 338

6. BMW X6

Price: R1.1 - R1.8-million
Units sold in August: 37
Units sold in 2016 to date: 270

7. Porsche Cayenne

Price: R979 000 - R2.4-million
Units sold in August: 32
Units sold in 2016 to date: 342

8. Porsche Macan

Price: R1.0 - R1.4-million
Units sold in August: 15
Units sold in 2016 to date: 156

9. Lexus RX

Price: R889 900 - R1.1-million
Units sold in August: 12
Units sold in 2016 to date: 113

10. Lexus LX

Price: R1.5 - R1.5-million
Units sold in August: 11
Units sold in 2016 to date: 139

Best-selling luxury SUVs in SA

  1  BMW X5 - 1060 units

  2  Range Rover/Range Rover Sport - 878

  3  Audi Q7 - 386

  4  Porsche Cayenne - 342

  5  Volvo XC90 - 338

  6  BMW X6 - 270

  7  Jaguar F-Pace - 176

  8  Porsche Macan - 156

  9  Lexus LX - 139

 10 Lexus RX - 113

 11 Infiniti QX80 - 14

 12 Bentley Bentayga - 13

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