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Bianchi: 'Recovery chances very small'

2014-10-23 08:59

STILL IN CRITICAL CONDITION: Jules Bianchi waves to fans before his horrific crash at the 2014 Japanese GP. A team of experts has been tasked with investigating his crash. Image: AP / Shizuo Kambayashi

SAO PAULO, Brazil - Luciano Burti, a former Formula 1 driver and full-time pundit for Brazil's Globo, has bad news about the condition of critically injured driver Jules Bianchi.

Little has been heard about the stricken driver, weeks after his horrific crash into a stationary recovery vehicle during the 2014 Japanese F1 GP on October 5.


Burti, who drove for Jaguar and Prost, told Sao Paulo radio Jovem Pan: "Talking with people who know his situation better, the chance of recovery is very small. If he survives, it seems his chances of living without consequences are also very small.

VIDEO: Jules Bianchi's horror crash at the 2014 Japanese GP

"It's very sad to hear, as Bianchi is a young, talented driver, I saw him all the time - he was always together with Felipe Massa. Unfortunately, we know that Bianchi's chances are not very good but it's a miracle that he did not die instantly.

"Everybody is very aware of that."


A 10-member team that includes Formula 1 veteran Emerson Fittipaldi will investigate Jules Bianchi’s crash.

The group, which will also include former F1 team chief Ross Brawn, "will carry out a full review of the crash to gain a better understanding of what happened and will propose new measures to reinforce safety at circuits," the International Automobile Federation said.

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