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Features: BMW Approved Used Cars

2004-08-11 12:38
The BMW Approved Used Car commitment:

1. BMW Quality Check.
2. Independent History Check to ensure no outstanding finance and full service history.
3. Vehicle Mileage Check.
4. BMW Motorplan or Approved Used Mobility contract minimum 2 year / 40 000km.
5. BMW On Call emergency service.


The BMW Quality check is a preparation and reconditioning process that thoroughly checks the vehicle and corrects any faults before it is placed on the showroom floor. This check is a pre-requisite to the activation of the Approved Used Mobility Contract or Motorplan contract and includes the following:

  • Compression test and check engine for smoking against compression.
  • Check pressure-cooling system and if necessary, rectify.
  • Check all tyres for minimum of 3mm of tread across the entire width, including the spare.
  • Check complete exhaust system and hangers.
  • Check condition of complete front and rear suspension, power steering and adjust wheel alignment (if necessary).
  • Check complete brake system. Check brake pads and discs for thickness.
  • Check heater blower and air conditioner system.
  • Check clutch and transmission for correct operation.
  • Check battery condition and replace if defective.
  • Check fan, power assisted steering and air conditioning belts - replace if necessary.
  • Carry out next applicable service, if necessary, and stamp service book.

    In addition the following checks are also carried out:

  • Check vehicle for visible signs of accident damage.
  • Check vehicle for modifications.
  • Check windscreen to ensure adherence to BMW standard (quality repair acceptable).
  • Check whether all exterior lights and indicators are in full working order.
  • Check for body defects likely to result in rust, and rectify where necessary.
  • Check shock absorbers for leaks and effectiveness, and replace if necessary.
  • Replace all missing tools and handbooks.
  • Check that wiper blades and washing systems are operating correctly.
  • Check that electrically-operated mirrors, windows, sunroof, central locking and interior lights are in full working order.
  • Check whether all seat belts meet all legal requirements.


    This independent check certifies that the vehicle has not been stolen and is not subject to outstanding finance.


    This certifies and confirms that the vehicle mileage has been checked.


    All Approved Used Cars are sold with a minimum 2 year/ 40 000km Motorplan or Approved Used Mobility Contract, which can be extended to a maximum of 7 years or 200 000km.

    The Motorplan contract covers all maintenance and service work as stipulated in the owners' handbook. The costs of repairs and parts necessitated by normal wear and tear as well as oils, brake fluid and lubricants required with services, are also covered. This feature offers customers peace of mind motoring, ease of budgeting, maintenance by BMW-qualified technicians and the guaranteed use of genuine BMW parts.

    BMW also offers a range of different Motorplan contracts that cater for a variety of needs ? from full cover to specific components only, at a lower cost.


    All contracts include membership to BMW On Call, which offers numerous free benefits such as roadside assistance, tow-in and emergency medical assistance.

    This 24-hour, 365 days-a-year breakdown and recovery service ensures motoring peace of mind countrywide. Staffed by experienced operators, the BMW Group On Call emergency service provides a host of valuable benefits ? 24-hour roadside assistance, tow-in service should your vehicle be immobilised by breakdown or accident, accommodation, free car hire or transport to your destination, and emergency medical assistance.


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