New Sasol GTC cars set for thrills

The iconic Grand Prix Circuit will present a new challenge to the GTC drivers as they tackle the country’s fastest racetrack on June 16.

Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

Suzuki kicks off its new model assault with an all new Swift hatchback and standalone sedan called the Dzire.

Top comments from 13-19 October

2007-10-19 14:17

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Joe said on Surprises in SA car parts study
  • Inflated prices

  • The dealers have to make lots of money so that you can sit in there nice chairs, drink coffee, watch TV ,read the paper and wait forever to get a lift back to your office.

    L Savage said on SUVs face safety shock

  • Ryanza:

  • The facts are as follows: Drivers in normal cars, crashing into other normal cars (1) are better off than drivers in SUVs crashing into other SUVs (2). Drivers in normal cars crashing into SUVs (3) are worse off than those crashing into other normal cars (4). You are surmising (based on your gut feeling only) that SUV drivers crashing into normal cars (5) are better off than (1 or 2). So your logic says you would rather be in an SUV, because then if you crash you think you will be better off (not proven). You don't care that if you crash you will be more likely to kill or maim the other driver (2 or 3). Ultimately if everyone followed your logic, everyone would drive an SUV and everyone would be worse off (2) and this is regardless of whether (5) holds true or not. If everyone had a ounce of intelligence (not to mention compassion for his fellow man) everyone would drive normal cars and everyone would be better off (1). This is why I loathe SUV drivers. They choose to take the selfish path, happily increasing the risk to others in the *hope* that they benefit - something that ironically, I suspect, they do not.

    JM said on 'Ferrari should sign Alonso'

  • Cheaters don't win!:

  • Ferrari will make the biggest mistake of their life if they sign Alonso. Who wants to be associated with a cheat in the biggest spy scandal ever!? He has no morals and does not deserve to drive for Ferrari. The sportsmanship that he showed over the past couple of weeks when things weren't going his way is shocking and just proved that he is a real primadonna. He should go back to Renault, or stay with Mclaren where he can stir up more bogus remarks about Hamilton and the team.

    Miguel said on 370km/h Gemballa 911 Turbo

  • Clever:

  • Buy an expensive sports car that is bound to reach classic status = smart. Spend a fortune making it look stupid and destroying its re-sale value = priceless. I wonder if they got their interior styling bits like the gearknob from Autostyle?

    Smartass said on Audi shows its MINI killer

  • Strange looking:

  • Ya - looks like some traditional weapon

    Ice said on Egmont's F1 column: Tainted title?

  • I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!:

  • Again I have to say to you all "I told you so". Last year already I commented here that Mclaren only used Alonso to attract major sponsors. They have a Champ in the car, so who would not sponsor? Then came Hamilton who Ron supported from the age of 12 and his "black" and a rookie and this is all a fairytale come true so to attract even bigger sponsors. This is not rocket-science, why Alonso did not see this coming is beyond me????? Just a pitty they had to cheat to win, for now it is tainted!

    Johann said on Massive Corsa Lite recall

  • Why are people complimenting GM?

  • This problem of corsa rear window shattering has been around for 3 years, and i have read many people complain on forums on multiple sites. Many people have had to pay for repairs after Opel dealers refused to fix the problem. So it seems to me that GM was hoping nobody would complain and just pay for new windows, but since so many complained, they were forced into making this decision to replace them. It's seems more like a forced action than a voluntary action on their part. Just my opinion...

    Willy said on More details: all-new Mazda6!

  • Zooming Past The Germans:

  • There is usually a small group of elite people, you know the kind that discovers a new restuarant that the so called top society knows nothing about. These are the guys who truly have a real sense of style, i.e. they are the connoisseurs of this world and they set trends. They know good things when they see them before everybody else catches on. If you haven't realised that the new breed of Mazdas is one of those things that you need to catch on to, then you are in the group of ordinary people.

    Nathi Olifant said on Toyota shows supercharged Hilux

  • Hilux:

  • Lucky OZs...now that's a killer bakkie, the only thing that can touch this is neither the Ranger, Triton or BT50, but I'm afraid the Carlos Ghosn boys might beef up the 4.0 V6 Navara to 280kw to bully the Hilux. If you look at it, the Navara kicks out 198kw while the flagship Hilux kicks out 175kw, you count the figures. But Toyota that rear is a no no. Where are the xenon lights and 6-speed gearbox. Is It Coming To South Africa?

    True blue fan said on V12 C-Class! Goes like a Bullit

  • Not good enough:

  • I would be embarrassed to be driving this see some kid keep up with me in his Nissan GTR selling at < half the price. don't talk build quality because none of you is complaining about the build and quality of your corollas and fiat uno's. i would rather go for the nissan or a noble and keep with or kill these expensive fuel guzzlers. then use the change to buy an e-class for daily driving. half="" the="" price.="" don't="" talk="" build="" quality="" because="" none="" of="" you="" is="" complaining="" about="" the="" build="" and="" quality="" of="" your="" corollas="" and="" fiat="" uno's.="" i="" would="" rather="" go="" for="" the="" nissan="" or="" a="" noble="" and="" keep="" with="" or="" kill="" these="" expensive="" fuel="" guzzlers.="" then="" use="" the="" change="" to="" buy="" an="" e-class="" for="" daily="" driving.="">

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