New Sasol GTC cars set for thrills

The iconic Grand Prix Circuit will present a new challenge to the GTC drivers as they tackle the country’s fastest racetrack on June 16.

Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

Suzuki kicks off its new model assault with an all new Swift hatchback and standalone sedan called the Dzire.

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L Savage said on SUVs face safety shock
  • Surprising?

  • This is anything but surprising. Research has for years indicated that SUV safety is below that of regular cars. SUVs pose not only a greater danger to other car's occupants, but to their own occupants as well. The irony is that every day hundreds of idiots buy SUVs because their gut instinct tells them they are safer. A pity that few people lack the insight to do a bit of real research.

    Was Toyota fan due to overprice, now VW fan said on Yaris rival: Mazda2 is here

  • Overpriced

  • Will there never ever be funky new cars like the Mazda2 available for less than R100k for youngsters. Not all students have parents earning a fortune or prepared to get themselves into huge debt to buy them such a funky car. If a student has to pay accommodation of R3000 plus a car of R2500 monthly, it is understandable that they live on drinking. Drop the service level plan, MP3 Radios can be obtained for less than R3.7k. Will rather stick to a 1.6 Polo.

    Diesel said on 40km/h speed limit for suburbs?

  • Get the basics right FIRST

  • Why don't they first enforce the rules of the road that are already in place - that will reduce road deaths by more than 50% at least! This smells like all they want to do is make it easier to make bundles of money through speed trapping (much easier to sit on their lazy fat bums and do nothing - sorry, man a camera - all day). Don't they know they could make tripple the money through fineing all those going through stops and red lights? not to mention the unroadworthy vehicles and unlicensed drivers

    B said on 7-seater Scooby concept wagon

  • WHY!!

  • Why the hell couldn't the new Impreza be styled to look something like this!??! At least this face has presence and aggression compared to the drab, bland and absolutely generic Japanese front end of the Impreza. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the current generation Impreza that I drive will be the last. The next car in hatch guise I buy will be the new A3 due in 2010. Sure, it doesn't have all wheel drive, but unless you drive like a complete tool you don't really need it.

    Gauteng blue fan said on: BMW expands M3 range

  • BMW related comments

  • It is interesting that whenever a BM article is done on this site, all kinda comments/posts normally are written from this such and such model is 3.74 kg heavier than the other, the 0-100km sprint is 1/100th of a second faster than this other model etc. But strictly and practically speaking there is no difference here...i.e. in this case. The 4 door M3 sedan is more practical than the 2 door M3 coupe that is it. The choice my fellow readers therefore is yours. Otherwise it is all just...

    Christo said on BMW readies M-powered X5

  • Pointless

  • It's pointless, because 1st of all it's a SUV not a sportscar, so the only reason for a V12 i.s.o. a V8 is ego and bragging rights, nothing else, it won't be that much faster or stronger anyway, on or affroad. 2nd of all, how manny people will use all the power, with 5 adults and luggage???? Try stopping or swerving woth this thing, I know it's a capable chassis, but the laws of physics still count. Take the money and get the "normal" 4.8 X5 PLUS a 130i, much better option. Watch the sales.

    Marie Ferrari said on Doomsday for sport cars?

  • Never !!!!!!!!

  • As long as man walks this earth there will be sub 4 sec./+ 350km sports cars. They might not have internal combustion engines, maybe an electric motor which comes with a Viper V10 soundtrack to play thru your car iPod while driving at top speed!

    Stavros said on Tested: Mazda3 MPS

  • Mps power

  • This is the most bang for your buck you can get in SA right now. It has power to match the BMW 130I and has speed that will whip it up on the reef. I actually drove a 1.6 to Durban a 2 years ago and was very impressed with the cabin refinement.(I drive a BMW 325 TDS) . The Mazda has a much smoother ride than my Bimmer. So what else does one need. Its fast, comfortable, affordable. Only con is it isn't a looker. But when you behind the wheel what difference does that make.

    Johan said on Next Honda Accord - early images

  • That one dimensional thinking displayed

  • Comment by Padre is exactly what BMW bases their selling strategy on. As long as they can keep the everyday Flathead under the illusion that BM is the best car in the world, their sales will boom, and it works. A Mondeo is any day as good, or better than 3 or A4, as is the Honda Accord. BM builds some good cars, but the 320 is nothing more than a German Corolla, and a poor one at that. As for me? I'll take the Volvo S40 thank you.

    Chris said on Sexy Lancer takes aim at Corolla

  • Good looking

  • Nice looking car. i think it will do well in the market. Insult to Toyota - hah what a joke. what new corolla?? Honda civic has been out for over a year and still looks more modern than the corolla. Toyota is a good car but must catch up with the times. Lancer is cool.

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