60 years of screen legends: Top 5 iconic cars in films

From the time-travelling Delorean to the “Love Bug” VW Beetle, cars have played many iconic movie roles. Watch as some of the greatest car icons in films come to life.

What to do if you're pulled over in a foreign country

Nothing ruins a leisurely holiday like an unpleasant run-in with the law. Here's what to do when you get pulled over in a foreign country.

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2007-09-28 13:15

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John said on VW Tiguan makes an entrance:

  • Not another one

  • I just don't see what's wrong with a normal estate. Same (if not more) space, more economical, faster, better handling... why do people buy these other things?

    George said on VW could slash SA production:

  • The best way is to leave this country

  • This country's labour and economic situation is no longer suitable for a comparably favourable production or assembly process. A good investment decision would be to stop these manufacturing activities in SA and move to other countries, like what Ford have done. These workers are just digging their own graves, How can they be asking for higher than expected inflation rate, which means interest rate will hike. Well, very soon, they'll be unemployed. Good job.

    RxTx said on Volvo's plug-and-recharge C30:

  • This is the future This is a brave step by Volvo. Something similar to the Chevy Volt. What an amazing concept. This has potential to free us from high petrol prices.

    Graeme said on Green law could cripple Porsche:

  • Silly Rationalist
  • What do you expect porsche to do, Re-invent the wheel? Other manufacturers have been working on alternatives for decades and all they have to show for it are 'hybrids'. Development takes ages and 4 years (2012) isn't so far away. At least the motoring industry is taking pro-active steps to limit CO2 production, I think the lobbyists should focus on other sectors.

    John said on First drive: New Renault Laguna:

  • Looks good

  • You have to say the interior looks fantastic. Pity you can't actually buy one without becoming depressed and suicidal as soon as something goes wrong.

    Ahmed Ginnah said on McLaren deny Alonso test ban:


  • A Rookie winning the championship? VERY GOOD. But winning with rogue elements, illegal machinery, espionage, etc,etc,etc. Then the Championship is TAINTED, to say the least. NEVERTHELESS, it is a crown, BUT one that will not hold water. A Hollow victory. I do not expect Hamilton to win the crown, he has NOW met his match, on equal terms. Now he knows who is the better driver, with better set up of his car, WILL WIN THE 2007 TAINTED F1 CHAMPIONSHIP.

    PK said on First drive: Mini Clubman:

  • I agree

  • With Dr. No, all the midgets should be thanking mini for their hearse. Who the heck wants a station wagon mini? Steve Dlamini-Klabini, how can you say this is the sexiest model in the mini line up?? This thing is FUGLY...

    V8 Power said on First drive: Mercedes C63 AMG:

  • Nice but...

  • IMO, the M3 and the RS4 cater for one part of the segment while the Merc caters for another. I own an RS4 and an E46 M3 and I won't even consider the C63 as it doesn't suit my taste. Maybe I'll consider the C63 in 11 years time when I turn 40. Overall these are great cars and there's no need to critisize them, especially when you can't even afford them. Well done Merc!

    Wolf said on Audi's 4.9 litres/100km A4:

  • BMW fanboys

  • You think BMW invented everything. We know already! Who cares who invented what. Newsflash, lot's of the technology has been used by other manufacturers before BMW used it. Buyers want the best car for their money. Period. Nobody cares who invented what or who got whatever award. The manufacturers are in business to maximise return on shareholder' capital, nothing else. This involves selling lots of cars. Get it!

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