New Sasol GTC cars set for thrills

The iconic Grand Prix Circuit will present a new challenge to the GTC drivers as they tackle the country’s fastest racetrack on June 16.

Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

Suzuki kicks off its new model assault with an all new Swift hatchback and standalone sedan called the Dzire.

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2007-09-28 12:51

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Grant said on Yamaha's latest R6 unveiled:
  • Biking Lives On!

  • Once again a brilliant piece of machinery. As for those that don't scoot, get a life. It's mostly the inconsiderate attitude of those driving cars that account for most bike accidents on the road.Agreed some bike riders are reckless, but only 1% of all. Please help making biking safer by just observing and being considerate. Bikers have families too.

    Punk said on Update: Long term Honda Civic:

  • In Two Minds

  • I dont know whether Honda got it right or if they lost the plot. The list of plusses of the new range is long & my '06 Civic is generally a good car but there are a few things which are becoming more irritating the more I drive it! The handbrake has caused a permanent calous on my kneecap; not enough side boulstering in seat; steering wheel obscures rev counter at a comfortable height; gear change is not as smooth as they claim; at speed jiggly cornering & excessive road noise. Am I the only one?

    Jon said on Trimmed and stripped Veyron:

  • Just amazing!!

  • This is so stunning and the numbers are mind blowing. wonder what it would do if they really shaved weight off and lifted the 407km/hr restrictor. While its not in the same handling class of the Enzo and F1, in a straight line it blows the doors of those dream machines!!

    Paul said on Tested: BMW's X5:

  • New X5

  • Owned the previous X5is 4.8.The new one is slower and not yet available as a sport. Offered R 100k below trade as a trade in of my low milage, immaculate vehicle against new X5. Did what any self respecting BMW owner would do - told the salesman to F and off and bought a ML63 - then sold X5 privately. Comparision of ML63 and new X5 - there isnt one, ML will run with M5 in straight line and also drinks like a fish!! Still think old X5is handles better than ML Cayenne too ugly and expensive

    Chris on Tested: BMW's X5:

  • Why do people even buy these things

  • People only buy these SUV's for status, why would buy this when you could get a 550 for less.Its faster, better handling, just as comfortable, not as top heavy.As for the space how often do you carry more than 4/5 people in the car, and the boot is plenty big anyways, worst case with the money you save you could buy a trailer.

    Craig said on Schumi lends a hand at 430 reveal:

  • I was mistaken...

  • I said the GT2 is the world's ultimate driver's car...I was wrong...This IS THE ULTIMATE DRIVERS CAR.. The foregin press are saying this could quite possibly be the greatest car to have ever been built! It laps Fiorano faster than the Enzo...So glad my dad has one on order to replace our F360 CS... I'm in love!

    Dr. No said on New Ford Ikon hits SA:

  • Icon vs. Aveo

  • Looks like a Chevy Aveo in a party dress...

    Enigma said on Merc reveals offbeat tourer:

  • Salim...

  • Yup, indeed. Who else but the Asians produce class like Geely, Chery, Chana, GWM, Landwind... I wonder whether they have 'Made in China' stamped on the bottom - probably painted in pure lead as well! The Japanese do build quality, sure, but there is no car more devoid of soul than a Toyota...

    PK said on Lambo Reventon: One serious Bull:

  • Damn

  • I have an idea...I'm catch Osama Bin Laden, cash in on the 50 mil dollors bounty and buy by me one of these........ Damn this is hot.

    Andrew said on Hammond survives another crash:

  • You have to admit it guys...

  • At least he improved the looks of that BMW!

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