New Sasol GTC cars set for thrills

The iconic Grand Prix Circuit will present a new challenge to the GTC drivers as they tackle the country’s fastest racetrack on June 16.

Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

Suzuki kicks off its new model assault with an all new Swift hatchback and standalone sedan called the Dzire.

Rules and Regulations

2005-05-09 14:51
Motorsport South Africa' and 'Traffic Authority' Permits.

Each annual event will be supported by a 'Motorsport South Africa' permit, which will be presented on request, at the start of the event.

Please note that the 'Motorsport South Africa' Flag will be prominently displayed on the flagpole at the entrance to the race circuits being utilised.

We must also please note that all Provincial Traffic permits are obtained, and all Traffic Departments en route are notified of our event, and the exact routes we will be travelling along.

It must be clearly understood, that although during all racing stages, the "Fireball Run 2005' is a 'MSA' sanctioned event, while the 'Open' sections between circuits and cities are not covered under this 'MSA" permit.

Please read the 'Open Section Conduct' chapter very carefully. There will however, be a full 'MSA' compliment of representatives travelling along with us, during these sectors.

Racing Car and Bike Eligibility.

Cars and bikes to be entered are subject to final approval and acceptance by the organising committee, and this inclusion will be at the sole discretion of the organising committee. The organising committee will take the decision without prejudice, to allow or disallow contestants, and no explanation will necessarily be given for the refusal of these entries.

Once a car or bike has been entered into the 'Fireball Run 2005', the contestant will not be permitted to substitute their choice of car or bike with any other, whatsoever once the event has started.

The contestant will be expected to finish the race with the same car or bike, as what was initially entered, in order to qualify for the race results and being awarded final class positions.

However, should your racing car or bike be damaged beyond repair, you may enter another, with approval of the organising committee, in order to continue being part of the 'Fireball Run'.

Any points gained will not be added to, or count toward the overall final result. It is purely for fun, and in the good spirit of the 'Fireball Run 2005'. It must be understood, that this new car / bike entry will be subject to scrutineering before participating, under the same rules and regulations pertaining to the 'MSA' safety criteria, as all other fellow contestants.

All cars / bikes entered into the 'Fireball Run 2005' must be 'Street Legal' and must be registered with a valid licence, and licence plate number.

Car and Bike Contestants.

This aspect of this 'Fireball Run 2005' rulebook, only really applies to cars. Each car entered, may have two competitive drivers.

The points scored by each driver will apply to him / her only. In effect, it will be as if there are two completely different entries.

There will however be an additional cost implication. Please see the 'Entry' chapter for details. The car entered will then have to carry two different competition numbers, and it will be up to the contestant to display the correct number, corresponding to the relevant driver during the time trial events.

Incorrectly recorded times resulting from negligent display of race numbers on behalf of the contestant / contestants, will need to be verified with the 'Clerk of the Course' and the 'Time Keeper', and we do not guarantee that final times will be awarded to either contestant, should they fail to properly inform and display.

This 'Shared' car scenario lends itself to confusion and incorrect results, which may favour the wrong driver, throwing the entire field / class out.

Motorcycles may only have one rider per bike, and the appointed rider may not be substituted, should they be injured, or are not able to complete the event for any given reason. This rule will also apply to 'Cars'.

Stewards Committee

The 'Stewards Committee' will be established to hear and rule on any protest or dispute, which may arise, pertaining to 'Fair Competition' only.

This committee will not be able to override any 'Motorsport South Africa' rule or regulation, governing the National sport of 'Motor Racing'. This remains the domain of the official 'Clerk of the Course' an official 'Steward'.

This committee will comprise of four participating contestants, elected by the contestants, by way of a vote / ballad system. We will post a list for nominees in the entrance of the hotel, and any contestant may put their name forward for consideration.

All entrants are entitled to be nominated and proposed for election, but must be among the registered and paid-up contestants.

Not all contestants may want to be on this committee. Contestants will therefore have to personally put forward their own name for nomination.

The results of this vote by contestants will be announced at breakfast on Sunday 9 October 2005, and will also be placed on the 'Official Notice Board' at the circuit.

Ballots and a ballot box will be supplied, and positioned in the foyer of the hotel from Saturday 8 October 2005. The fifth member of the committee will be the Clerk of the Course' or 'Steward of the Course'. Each member of this committee will be given one vote.

All decisions will be taken on a simple majority vote, which constitutes the highest amount of votes.

As event organiser, Dave Morgan will automatically form part of this committee, but will only attend 'Hearings' in the capacity of 'Observer Without a Vote'.

This 'Inclusion' is to ensure that accurate guidelines are kept, and quick results are reached.

Racing will not be delayed as result of a protest or dispute. Points scoring will be posted as usual after the race event has been concluded, and the protest / dispute will be attended to later during the day.

The hearings will take place in the evenings, after the day of racing, or a time suitable to all 'Steward Committee' members during the course of the same day, and the results will be made available, immediately upon a decision being taken.

If a protest is lodged at the circuit, the results for that day of racing, in that particular class, will be posted as 'Provisional' and the 'Final' results will only be posted after a 'Stewards Committee' decision has been taken.

Should any member of the 'Stewards Committee' not be able to attend a hearing, the contestant with the fifth highest number of votes, from the initial voting process, will be invited to participate in the 'Stewards Committee'. This 'Invited' committee member however, is only permitted to stand in for one day, unless the original committee member is not able to complete their 'Term of Office', for any reason whatsoever. Should a member of the 'Stewarts Committee' wish resign at any time, they may need only to inform the other members.


The 'Organisers' retain the right to re-position a car / bike at any time during the event, and place then in another class, should it be discovered that the entry was initially, incorrectly classified.

Please note that allocations for the two modified car classes will, in the first instance be determined by a 'Power to Weight' ratio, and will be finalised according to the information supplied by each contestant, on their entry form.

You may place your car in a class above yours, if you wish, but am not allowed to place your entry in a class below.

Any entry may compete in the 'Modified' classes if they so wish, but cars which are deemed to be modified, will not be permitted to enter into any of the 'Thoroughbred' classes.

Should any racing car be bumped up, or down a class in the 'Modified' section, written justification will be provided. Should a contestant not be happy with this decision, they may submit their protest to the 'Stewards Committee' for 'Ruling' consideration.

Please note that there will be no distinction made between amateur and professional drivers and riders for the 'Fireball Run 2005', and that all contestants will be expected to compete against each other at the same level. This also applies to gender.

Please remember that all bikes (as per the cars), are to be physically ridden from one venue to the next, by the competitor, and may not be transported on a trailer.

For this reason, we must bring to your attention that all bikes must be street legal, and have legal registration and roadworthy certificates. These certificates may be requested for validation at anytime by the organisers, should the bike entered, not seem to comply.

All entries must comply with the competition specifications as written in the MSA 'White Book', which is the standard practice for motorcycle competition around the country, as long as this is not in direct violation of the National Road Safety and Legal Ordinances, governing all our National, Provincial and Municipal roads.

The motorcar classes are as follows:

Thoroughbred (OE Manufactured cars with treasonable modifications):

Class 'A': Cars with more than 6 cylinders, with forced fuel induction systems such as turbo or supercharged engines, and must be 'OE' manufactured cars which are standard, or with modifications within reason.

Class 'B': Cars up to 6 cylinders, with forced fuel induction systems such as turbo or supercharged engines, and must be 'OE' Manufactured cars which are standard, or with modifications within reason.

Class 'C': Cars with more than 6 cylinders, normally aspirated engines. 'OE' Manufactured cars which are standard, or with modifications within reason.

Class 'D': Cars up to 6 cylinders, normally aspirated engines. 'OE' Manufactured cars which are standard, or with modifications within reason.

Modified (Cars which are not within their original specifications, and modified beyond reasonable expectations):

Class 'Fireball Thunder': This is for modified cars, which boast 400 BHP per ton and above. These cars are to produce a current 'Dyno Test' report on request. The organisers retain the right to have any car tested, should there be an appeal, or should the organisers feel that the car is not within the required classification. This class is for cars, which have had the original engine specifications and physical geometry altered.

Class 'Fireball Lightning': This is for modified cars up to 399 BHP per ton. These cars are to produce a current 'Dyno Test' report on request. T

The organisers retain the right to have any car tested, should there be an appeal, or should the organisers feel that the car is not within the required classification. This class is for cars, which have had the original engine specifications and physical geometry altered.

The motorcycle classes are as follows:

There are three classes, as authorised by George Portman of 'SuperBike' magazine, and they are:

Superbike: Entries are as per the MSA 'White Book'.

'Battle of the Twins', for two cylinder, four stoke bikes, as per the Northern Regions categories.

Supersport: Entries are as per the MSA 'White Book'.

Fuel Restrictions.

The only fuels which will be permitted are those standard petroleum products sold and pumped in the forecourt of any National 'Filling Station', regular automotive racing fuel available at all recognised street racing circuits, or AVGAS. These are the only fuels for which there is a class classification.

All other 'Specialist Blends' are strictly prohibited, which includes, but is not restricted to fuels such as Toluene, Xylene, Analine or ready mixed fuels such as C16. Nitrous Oxide, Nitro Methane, Nitro Benzine and Methanol will also be strictly prohibited.

Should any car be found with a functional or non-functional fitted 'Nitrous Accessory', we will automatically disqualify the entrant, until such time as the device has been removed.

This unit will be confiscated, and remain in the care of the organisers, and only returned to the contestant at the conclusion of the entire event.

Open Section Conduct.

As previously mentioned, the 'Open' sections between race circuits are at the discretion of the contestant. All contestants must obey the National and Regional Provincial and municipal Traffic laws.

Any infringement of these laws, will lead to disciplinary action been taken by the 'Organisers', which may include immediate exclusion from the rest of the event, or serious time penalties.

When signing the 'Entry' form, the contestant automatically acknowledges this chapter, and agrees that they will remain solely liable and responsible for any misconduct and infringement pertaining to the 'Traffic Laws' of the country.

'Motorsport South Africa', and the 'Organising Committee' of the 'Fireball Run 2005' will not accept responsibility or liability for any actions and criminal procedures / penalties, imposed by our National or regional 'Law Enforcement' agencies and courts, should any contestant be found guilty of 'Traffic Infringements', including injury and death, occurring as a result of reckless and negligent driving, by the guilty contestant or team member.

Exhaust decibel levels are to be within accepted limits, and in accordance with the municipal laws.

Code of Conduct.

Should any contestant have an 'Issue' with any representative of 'Motorsport South Africa', the 'Organising Committee' of the 'Fireball Run 2005', or fellow contestants and support crew, they are to lodge their grievance with the 'Stewards Committee', and it will be attended to in a fair, diplomatic, and professional manner.

Should the alleged culprit be found guilty of broaching the 'Issue' with any of the above mentioned parties, in public, bringing into, are attempting to bring the 'Fireball Run 2005' and Motorsport in general into disrepute, they will automatically be given an adverse 'Time Penalty' fine, and may even be excluded from father participation.

Indemnities and Relevant Forms.

All contestants and their co-drivers / passengers will be compelled to complete specific 'Indemnity Forms', as presented to them by the individual racing circuits, as well as the dedicated blanket 'Fireball Run 2005' indemnity.

The dedicated 'Fireball Run 2005' indemnity must be completed and signed upon arrival at the start of the event while the race circuit indemnities only need to be completed at the actual circuit. It remains the responsibility of the contestant and their passenger to allocate and complete these forms / indemnities.

It is also imperative that the 'Entry' form is signed and returned to the organisers before anyone will be permitted to participate. The contestant signature will also mean that the contestant has read, fully understands, and is in total agreement with these 'Rules and Regulations' as presented to them.

Although it is very unlikely, the 'Organisers' reserve the right to alter, subtract, or add to this set of 'Rules and Regulations' without notice. All contestants will be issued with updates. It must be understood that it is very difficult and time consuming to alter these 'Rules and Regulations' at will, once they are approved by 'Motorsport South Africa'.


The competition is open to all drivers / riders who hold a current, valid 'Motorsport South Africa' RCL licence for the category concerned, and whose vehicle complies with the specifications as per the Motorsport South Africa handbook. Temporary licences will be available at the circuit, at the start of the event. This licence will cover you for the entire event. Refer to SSR's 1 and 2 of the MSA Handbook.

Any contestant, who has paid their fees in full, will be eligible to participate. Should their car or bike break during the race, or are not able to start the race, due to unforeseen circumstance, they will still qualify to participate by way of a loan car or bike.

It must be understood that the points will not count toward the actual race outcome, and that we will revert back to the ruling as listed in the 'White Paper'. These contestants will however, still be eligible to participate at all the functions and social events we are engaged in, along the route, including special appearances. >


Any contestant may have their racing car or bike sponsored and sponsor branded. However, this will lead to an increase in the entry fee being applied. Please see the entry fee chart as listed below.

It must also be understood, that if a team wishes to have their entry sponsored and sponsor branded, they are to submit their intention to the 'Organisers', as this sponsorship

Inclusion, may conflict with the overall event sponsors. The 'Fireball Run 2005' event sponsors are extremely important, as without their financial assistance, there will quite simply not be an event. Exclusive exposure loyalty is to be respected, and afforded them. There are standard 'Fireball Run 2005' stickers, which must be affixed to all cars and bikes prior to the start of the event, and all contestants are encouraged to discuss their aesthetic graphic designs, before implementing and incurring cost, which may be in contravention to the visual needs of the 'Fireball Run 2005'.


Entries open immediately and close at the end of June 2005. Entries are to be submitted on the Official Entry Form provided and accompanied by a 40% deposit, of the full amount.

The balance of the payment will be expected in full, by the last working day in August 2005.

Entries will be accepted, in order of being received and approved by the 'Organising Committee'. There will be a maximum of 50 cars, and 50 motorcycles.

Thereafter, as additional entries are received, they will be placed on a reserve list, in order of receipt, in accordance with GCR 101.

Competitors whose entries have been placed on a reserve list, and who are not permitted to start, will have their entry fee refunded, in accordance with GCR 109.

Though very unlikely, the organisers reserve the right to cancel a class, should less than 5 entries be received.

Entry fees for cars: R10 000.00 Ex VAT. This is for a private entry, and includes MSA Levies. This is based on a room sharing, should the contestant wish to bring along a passenger / navigator.

Entry fees for cars: R20 000.00 Ex VAT. This is for a corporate entry, and includes MSA levies. By 'Corporate Entry' we mean cars, which are sponsor branded, apart from the 'Fireball Run' branding. We are not in a position to permit opposition branding, to that of our sponsors, and request that all contestants consult with us first, before securing their own sponsor and subsequent financial assistance. Please let us design this together.

Entry fees for cars: R5 000.00 Ex VAT. This is an additional fee for the second driver competing in a racing car already entered under a different name, and this additional contestant will still be expected to share accommodation.

Entry fees for motorcycles: R6 500.00 Ex VAT, per rider in a team for non-sponsored machines. This fee is based on a room shared with another rider. Should riders wish to pair up and save money, the organising committee will provide a list of entries, from which contestants may choose their rooming partner.

Entry fee for motorcycles: R8 000.00 Ex VAT for 'One Man' single non-sponsored rider. This is based on a non-sharing hotel room.

Entry fees for motorcycles: R15 000.00 Ex VAT. This is for a single corporate entry, and includes MSA levies. By 'Corporate Entry' we mean cars, which are sponsor branded, apart from the 'Fireball Run' branding. We are not in a position to permit opposition branding, to that of our sponsors, and request that all contestants consult with us first, before securing their own sponsor and subsequent financial assistance. Please let us design this together. This fee will cover the cost of a single machine, and is based on a non-sharing hotel room.

Entry fees for motorcycles: R25 000.00 Ex VAT. This is for a corporate team entry of two bikes, and includes MSA levies. By 'Corporate Entry' we mean cars, which are sponsor branded, apart from the 'Fireball Run' branding. We are not in a position to permit opposition branding, to that of our sponsors, and request that all contestants consult with us first, before securing their own sponsor and subsequent financial assistance. Please let us design this together. This fee will cover the cost of both machines, and is based on a shared hotel room.

All fees must be paid into the following 'Legal Trust Account':

Cranko Karp & Associates Inc.

Trust Account.


Kruis Street.

Branch Code: 190605.

Account No.: 1906316465.

Please note that all ground and support crew accommodation fees are to be an additional cost. Bookings can be made through our office, as we secure very favourable rates.

The Organisers and Promoters reserve the right to refuse any entry without giving a reason as permitted in GCR's 99(i) and 100.


The tyre Rules and Regulations for cars in this competition, will apply to all classes across the board.

Competitors must nominate the specific tyre that they intend using and no change is permitted. All teams will be permitted to use two sets of tyres for the entire duration. They will be marked at the start of the race, and inspected at regular intervals, to check their original authenticity.

There are certain tyres manufactured for certain makes and models of car, and the exclusion of these brands will only assist in jeopardising the chances of some contestants. For this reason, we have not excluded any brand or make of tyre.

All Classes will be permitted to run at least one set of 'DOT' approved competition tyres, but this will be the highest form of performance tyre allowed. When on the National and Municipal roads, all contestants will have to use street legal road going tyres. The two sets of tyres can therefore be made up as follows:

  • One set of 'DOT' approved competition tyres for race conditions, and one set of street legal tyres for driving on Municipal and National roads.
  • Two sets of street legal tyres, which will be used for race conditions, as well as for driving on Municipal and National roads.

No team will be permitted to use 'Slick Tyres'.

Roll Bars.

Roll bars will be permitted, and in certain circumstances, are recommended.

Safety Harnesses.

All vehicles must have seat belts as per OEM specifications, and these must be worn at all times when a vehicle is on the circuit or en routs between destinations. Four, five, and six point harnesses are recommended.

Convertible Sports Vehicles.

Although we invite and encourage Executive 'Convertible' Sports models to enter the

'Fireball Run 2005', it must be clearly understood that it remains mandatory for these cars to be fitted with 'OE' factory fitted roll bars.

Should a convertible not be fitted with these 'OE' roll bars, it will be necessary for them to fit and install their own custom made 'Roll Bar' and head protection gear unit. This will be inspected for approval during scrutineering, before they will be allowed to participate.

The organisers will also insist that all convertibles are fitted with the minimum of a four-point SABS approved or recognised brand safety harness for both, passenger and driver.

Time Penalties.

When we refer to 'Time' penalties, we refer to the 'Time Fine' a contestant receives for miss-appropriating competition rules. If a contestant is given a 5 or 10 second penalty, in addition to the worst time of the day in their class, it means that the best 'Timed' counting run of the slowest contestant in their class will be given, including the 5 or 10 seconds. It does not mean that an aggregate will be taken, and then the time penalty added.

Weather Conditions.

In the light of 'Fair Competition', all classes will be run at the same time of day. This will ensure that the weather conditions are similar for all contestants in a particular class. If weather conditions alter during the 'Timed' run of any class, the class will be given a re-run, at the discretion of the 'Steward of the Course', to ensure that the playing fields are level. If this is not possible, the entire field in that class will be given the best, recorded time of that particular session, and 'Natural Competition' will resume as normal, at the following race meeting on the calendar.

The 'Race Meeting' will not necessarily be called off, if the weather conditions turn adverse, unless the 'Clerk of the Course' deems competition to be dangerous. In the event of a 'Meeting' being called off, all times for that day will be discarded, pertaining to the overall results. Classes, which finish before the cancellation, will still be awarded positions for the day, in their class, and are thus eligible for medals, for that particular discipline.

General Race Day Rules.

NB. If you are not sure about the exact MSA Rules and Regulations, please contact them in Johannesburg on 011 466 2440, and get yourself a set of books. The two 'White Books' you will require to cross-reference with, are in the region of R110.00, excluding postage.

All reasonable care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the content here within, but errors may occur. Please inform us of any discrepancies, should you come across them.

  • Passengers / Navigators on the race circuits in cars are optional, but all the correct paper work must be completed before they will be permitted onto the circuit. Please note that there is no special class for taking a passenger on the circuits, and that this decision will most likely jeopardise your speed and handling. There will also not be any handicap system in place.
  • Should any contestant wish to take along a passenger / navigator it must be understood that this choice is optional. All contestants who want to compete and drive on their own, may do so if they wish, but there will not be any financial benefits, when considering the entry fee.
  • All doors must remain unlocked and all windows closed. All loose objects are to be removed from the driver's compartment.
  • It is recommended that vehicles must be equipped with a securely mounted 'Fire Extinguisher' with a minimum of 1 kg capacity, and ensure it is accessible to officials and to the driver whilst strapped in.
  • Wheels must be secured with all wheel nuts.
  • No alcohol in the 'Pit Area' or 'Start Line Area' will be allowed. If a competitor or his / hers crew, is seen to be consuming any alcohol, regardless of the amount, the competitor will be immediately disqualified. The organizers also retain the right to randomly test all registered competitors, to ascertain whether they are within the legal required limit.
  • Be courteous, disciplined and obey the Marshals. Misbehavior or abuse of officials will be penalized at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course / Club.
  • If any competitors vehicle spills anything (oil, water etc.) on the track surface, the competitor or his / her crew is to assist marshals to clean the track immediately before the next run.
  • Racing fuel, oil or coolant spillage on the circuit. Refer to SSR 50 (V).
  • Any contact during the event may lead to disqualification, if it is deemed to have been reckless and negligent, by the 'Clerk of the Course'.
  • Obstacles on the circuit is classed as an adverse condition, which may include, but is not limited to animals, birds, spectators, rain oil, etc. Should any contestant have to abort their run during a 'Timed' session, for reasons beyond their immediate control, which may be classed as an 'Adverse Racing Condition', the contestant will be awarded another run, at the discretion of the Steward of the Meeting.
  • Overtaking is to be avoided. If you come up behind another competitor who is slowing you down, back off and another run will be awarded you. Competitors are to always remain at least 20 meters behind the contestant in front of them.
  • Should any contestant have to abort their run during a 'Timed' session on circuits and drag racing strips, for reasons beyond their immediate control, but excluding a driver error, or any type of mechanical, electrical, or tyre failure, the contestant will be awarded another run, at the discretion of the Steward of the Meeting.
  • During racing conditions and 'Timed' sessions, any driver error, mechanical, electrical, or tyre failure, which puts the contestant out of contention for that day of racing, will automatically lead to the contestant receiving a three second penalty which will be added to their slowest time of the day, and that will be the time awarded them for that particular event. All contestants are expected to complete their racing lap / laps instructions for the day, and cross the checkered flag. A re-run will not be allowed. Should the contestant not have recorded any times before the incident, they will be awarded the slowest time of the day in their class, plus an additional three second penalty.
  • Contestants are not permitted to set the fastest time for the day during their first run, 'Bank' that recorded time, and stop racing. All contestants will be expected to complete the same amount of laps or runs, as any other contestant, in order to qualify for registered recorded times, for that day or racing venue / discipline.
  • In special stage events, where there is only one 'Timed' run for that particular discipline, including mountain passes and hill climbs, the contestant must complete the 'Timed' run without incident. Should any contestant have to abort their run during racing conditions, for reasons beyond their immediate control, but excluding driver error, or any type of mechanical, electrical, or tyre failure, the contestant will be awarded another run, at the discretion of the Steward of the Meeting.
  • 'Orientation Runs' are scheduled during the course of the entire event, for contestant to acquaint themselves with all the various racing circuits, conditions and disciplines, as well as for safety reasons. However, should these special stages be in the midst of built up, or residential areas, the contestants may not practice on these stages at any time, other than the official times designated by the 'Steward Committee'.

Failure to abide by this rule, may lead to the contestant being disqualified for that days event, and receiving the slowest time in their class, plus an additional 3 second penalty. Special practice sessions are not covered under the 'Fireball Run 2005' 'Motorsport South Africa' permit, and contestants are to realise that these sessions are therefore, not sanctioned. There will also not be qualified marshals or medical staff at hand, which may lead to injury or death, should something go wrong, and there is no professional assistance at hand.

  • Competitors are advised that, should there be 'An Incident' during a practice or orientation session, which would involve the clearing of the circuit, their practice session will forfeit the clearing time required.
  • Vehicles must travel from one venue to the next under their own power and may not be placed on trailers. Any infringement will result in the competitor concerned being penalised, by awarding them a five second penalty, which will be added onto their own slowest recorded time, at the upcoming circuit they are en route to.
  • Those contestants who are unable to participate, for any reason whatsoever during the day of racing, or those contestants who are unwilling to take up the challenge ahead of them, will be awarded the slowest time of the day in their class, as well as an additional 5 second penalty.
  • Documentation will take place as per the programme.

  • Pre-event Scrutineering will take place as per the programme.
  • No competitor may enter the race unless scrutineering has been completed, and approval to participate has been awarded.
  • Competitors may not take part in any race prior to the completion of documentation or scrutineering.
  • The 'Provisional Programme of Events' will be sent to all competitors two months prior to the event, and the final updated programme will be placed in the hotel suite, upon arrival.
  • Should the Organisers deem it necessary to change the timetable, the revised timetable will be issued with the Final Instructions and published on the 'Official Notice Board'.
  • The organisers reserve the right to change the programme as necessary, and combine or split categories prior to the closing date of late entries.
  • Drivers / Riders briefings will take place as per the programme.
  • ALL Drivers / Riders must be present at all briefing sessions at the stipulated time and venue. A register of attendance will have to be signed, to prove that a contestant was present. No contestant will be permitted to race, if they have not attended these briefing sessions.
  • No Pre-Race Paddock will be used.
  • All competitors will line up in the pits, and will be signalled to start racing from there.
  • There will be a maximum of five cars and bikes on any of the circuits, at any one time, and a maximum of two on a drag strip at any one time.
  • All contestants will be sent off from the end of the pit lane. There is no racing 'Start' in actual fact, so the first lap is an 'Out Lap'. The 'Clerk of the Course' will count you down from five, and will then drop the flag when it is the right time for you to go. Slotting you onto the circuit is calculated on the speed of the cars / bikes on the circuit, and the amount of cars / bikes on the circuit, avoiding a bottleneck.
  • Red Flag: Where a race is 'Red-flagged', competitors attention is drawn to SSR 43 of the MSA Handbook. A rerun will be granted, except for the competitor who is deemed responsible for the stoppage. They will not be permitted to rerun and will be awarded the slowest aggregate time in their class for that particular event, plus an additional 5 seconds.
  • Competitors are reminded of the procedure in SSR 41 of the MSA handbook that is to be adopted in the event of a race being stopped by means of a red flag. At the same time as the red flag is displayed, a red light will be displayed at the start / finish line.
  • When the chequered flag is waved, this will signify the end of the racing session. All competitors are to proceed to the pit area, using their one 'In Lap'.
  • The official notice board will be situated in the pit area.
  • After every race, results, which have been posted on the notice board, will become final thirty minutes after posting, unless a protest has been lodged within this timeframe. Refer to GCR's 200 (viii) and 275.
  • These results are not to be removed and disciplinary action will be taken against any competitor removing them without authority. Additional copies may be obtained from the Documentation area.
  • The organising committee reserve the right to delay the posting of the results at the racing venues, and may only post them at the hotel, in the evenings, should there be a protest or dispute.
  • Refer Parts IX and X of the 'Motorsport South Africa' handbook.
  • Timing is by way of officially approved 'MSA' timing systems and suppliers.
  • During 'Drag Racing', the official drag racing venue timing system will apply.
  • During special events where the line of sight is not possible, and where there is only one timed run, radio communications will apply, and trigger the start and finish of the section.
  • Should there be a breakdown in any timing system, two individual stopwatches will be used in place of the regular system. These recorded times will be official.
  • Service personnel and crew members must refer to GCR 251, SSR's 37, 63,64,65 and 66 of the MSA handbook.
  • No vehicle may travel in the reverse direction to the traffic flow in the pit lane.
  • No person under the age of sixteen (16) will be allowed onto the pit lane.
  • No alcohol is allowed on the pit lane or apron. Smoking in the pits, pit lane or apron is strictly prohibited.
  • Roller blades, skateboards, motorised skateboards etc. are not permitted in the pits or pit lane areas.
  • Competitor's attention is drawn to GCR's 113 (XIV) and 172 (X).
  • Competitor's attention is drawn to Appendix H (Flag signals) of the MSA handbook. Failure to comply with the provisions of Appendix H Article 8 will result in penalties being applied in accordance with GCR 157 (i).
  • No competitor wearing a short-sleeved shirt, or short pants will be permitted to practice or race. Please refer to GCR 239 regarding safety apparel. It is highly recommended that competitors should wear approved racing overalls. Drivers must have their arms and legs covered, and must also wear lace up shoes.
  • All drivers / riders must wear a properly SABS approved, or its equivalents, safety helmet while in practice or competition.
  • All motorcycle team riders must wear full leathers, gloves and boots, and have approved safety helmets. This must apply to the circuits, as well as the public roads.
  • Refer SSR 50. Any Competitor who consistently uses the verges will be guilty of unsafe driving (SSR's 17 & 51) and will be penalised accordingly in terms of GCR 157 (i) (a). Observers, whose duty will be to report on the cutting of corners, persistent off-circuit behaviour and / or poor driving standards, may be appointed and their names listed either in the final instructions or via a Drivers Bulletin. Competitors reported in this respect who, having been signalled in terms of Appendix H Article 6, continue to disregard safe driving conduct may be black-flagged. Any competitor disregarding the black flag will be excluded from the event.
  • One or more 'Judges of Fact' may be appointed to oversee the starting procedure and report on infringements i.e. Jumping of the start during specially timed events and drag racing. The names of these Judges will be stated in the list of officials or communicated to competitors in final instructions and placed on the notice board. The penalty for jumping a start will be 3 seconds.
  • Any competition vehicle found using the access roads, pits or any other area than the circuit for testing or being driven in a manner that is considered by the 'Clerk of the Course' to be dangerous including travelling in the wrong direction on the circuit or pitlane, will be excluded from the event, irrespective as to who was driving the vehicle at the time.

Notwithstanding the competitor's exclusion, he will be reported to the 'Stewards' of the 'Meeting' who may consider further action in terms of a breach of GCR 172 (VII). Drivers will be held responsible and liable for anybody knocked down while racing on pit road.

  • For incidents and retirements, competitor's attention is drawn to SSR's 60 & 61.
  • Any car abandoned on the circuit must be left unlocked and, if a steering lock is fitted, the key left in the ignition to facilitate the removal of the vehicle after the event. Any vehicle abandoned on the circuit and locked will be moved by any practical and available means and the Promoters, Organisers and Officials will not be liable for any subsequent damage.

Refer to SSR 10 (III).

  • Competition numbers must be carried at all times. Numbered decals are provided by the organising committee, and will be in a plastic bag, along with all the other branding, which is to appear on the vehicle. Should any team entered wish to be allocated a special number they are to apply far in advance. The number '1' slot and number has been allocated to Stuart Kidgell, as a result of his extreme performance during the 2004 event.

Race Meeting Officials.

Officials at any given race meeting or stage, will include the following personnel:

  • Motorsport SA Steward.
  • Club Steward.
  • Clerk of the Course.
  • Secretary of the Meeting.
  • Official Timing.
  • Chief Scrutineer.
  • Medical Co-ordinator & Chief.
  • Medical Officer.

House Rules.

Refer SSR 24. When in doubt, please refer to the 'Motorsport South Africa' handbook, or call Dave Morgan for farther information on 083 469 2111. The 'Fireball Run 2005' is exceptionally proud of their association with 'Motorsport South Africa', and will do their utmost to stay within their guidelines, and implement their suggestion.

Postponement, abandonment or cancellation.

The Organisers reserve the right to postpone, abandon or cancel the meeting or any part thereof. In the event of postponement, abandonment or cancellation, the Competitor / Entrant has no right to claim against the Promoter / Organisers in respect of any loss or damage that he / she may thereby have incurred, other than as specified in GCR 244. The meeting will not be postponed, abandoned or cancelled without the consent of the 'Stewards' of the 'Meeting'.


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