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Asset Finance geared to take your business to new frontiers

2004-05-13 12:36

Absa Asset Finance

Our approach to any business seeking asset finance is one of firstly understanding the business need, says Absa Asset Finance.

We then make contact with the business and conduct an in-depth assessment of these asset requirements. From this we are then able to provide innovative and tailor made finance products and services.

These solutions are not only competitive, but in tailoring them for you, we strive to add value to your business and enhance your completive edge in the specific industry in which you are operating in.

Our relationship model implies that we endeavor to know our customers businesses as well as they do, to enable us to service them with the most effective asset solution.

By regularly visiting customers on their premises (factories/farms/place of business), we seek to familiarize ourselves as much as possible with their own trading circumstances.

Our asset finance offering consists of the following standard products: installment sale, lease agreement, rental agreement, full maintenance lease, maintenance plans, comprehensive insurance, extended warranties, credit shortfall cover and life assurance plans.

We use these core products as the basis to getting to a solution, but we are flexible to be able to structure a deal best suited to the businesses needs.

Import facilities

In addition to this, Absa Asset Finance is equipped to assist customers with a full range of import facilities through our association with our Absa colleagues in the business and international banking environment.

We are able to offer customers the administrative backup to enable them to, from a single point of entry to undertake capital expansion projects where multiple suppliers and products may be incorporated into an interim agreement and consolidated into products best suited to the customers own tax and cash flow situation.

Thus, our asset finance teams not only provide services, but also unique individualised cautioning such as tax structuring, payment structuring, lines of credit, off balance sheet funding, residual value packages and even risk entrenchment.

Insofar as pricing structures goes linked, fixed, caps and collars may all be built into the offering.

We have created solutions in diverse industries such as agricultural, aviation, manufacturing, textile, printing, mining, packaging, construction and marine to name but a few.

Changing environment

Furthermore Absa Asset Finance stays in touch with the continuously changing economical environment, focusing on new emerging markets such as the black economic empowerment sector, where we have created special products more suited to this market.

Within certain industries, joint ventures and alliances have been formed with the leading suppliers of capital goods, enabling us to leverage off their expertise and enabling us to further beneficiate the offering to our client base.

Absa Asset Finance is nationally represented and works closely with the Absa Business Bank.


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