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Get a glimpse of the new BMW M5

2004-10-25 10:13

The BMW M5's V10 is the only high-revving power unit to be featured in a series-production car.

This V10 boasts a cubic capacity of 5-litres and produces a maximum output of 378 kW and a maximum torque of 520 Nm, making the M5 the most powerful production model in the BMW line-up.

The compact, high-revving normally aspirated engine boasts a red line of 8 250 r/min. Compared to the previous M5 V8 engine, performance has increased by a massive 25%.

The two five-cylinder banks of the V10 are arranged at an angle of 90-degrees to achieve a mass balance of the crankshaft drive, optimised for low vibration and increased comfort.

To ensure maximum stiffness and resist the high loads resulting from combustion pressure, engine speed and vibrations, a bedplate design has been chosen for the crankcase.

For an optimum alignment of the crankshaft, grey-cast iron inserts have been integrated into the aluminium bedplate, which also serve to enhance acoustics, increase vibrational comfort and ensure a high oil supply rate.

The extremely stiff crankshaft is supported by six bearings. In the new M5, it is the first time that BMW has used a bedplate design for a production V-engine.

The one-piece aluminium cylinder heads of the V10 engine are arranged in banks.


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