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Gear up for Auto Africa

2004-10-11 08:54

A total of 20 brand new vehicles will be launched and previewed at Africa's premier automotive Exhibition that takes place at the National Exhibition Centre in Nasrec, south of Johannesburg.

One of the most exciting vehicles on display at Auto Africa 2004 is the RSQ Concept, dubbed by its producer, Audi, as the "Car of the Year 2035".

The RSQ Concept is the star of the show in I, Robot, the futurist movie hit starring Will Smith. Other Audi passenger cars on view will include its popular ranges of A3, A4, A6 and A8 vehicles.

"Auto Africa 2004 provides a platform for motor manufacturers to showcase their very latest products. Some vehicles are entirely new globally, while others are introductions to the African market," says Pula Dippenaar, Auto Africa exhibition director.

"Many companies will use the show to preview upcoming innovations."

Possibly the fastest vehicle on show is the Mercedes McLaren SLR, with a top speed of 334 km/h.

Kia South Africa will be giving a sneak preview of its latest Sportage sports utility vehicle, as well as launching its commercial K2700 one tonne truck.

Citroen South Africa will showcase its C4 and C5 models, which will be available locally mid-2005.

"After many years of an extremely small market available to the buyer, there is almost limitless scope today. Brands that have not been seen on South African roads since the 1940s or 1950s are becoming commonplace, and consumers now have freedom of choice," Dippenaar says.

"Auto Africa 2004 represents the opportunity for manufacturers to promote and even increase their market share, not only here, but across the continent."

Other manufacturers prefer to keep their revelations under wraps until the big day. "Let's just say that as usual VW will be launching new, innovative and unusual concepts at Auto Africa," says Bill Stephens, VW's general manager, communications.

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