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Isuzu 4x4 ZEN for SA

2002-09-18 16:53

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Isuzu will show its Z-E-N concept car on the Delta Motor Corporation display at Auto Africa at Nasrec in Johannesburg from October 21 to 27.

This unique Isuzu breaks traditional moulds by offering a crossover between a Sport Utility Vehicle and a Commercial Vehicle, and as such embodies the elements of liesure and recreation together with the functionality of a commercial vehicle.

The distinctive exterior design of the Z-E-N is sure to attract attention, but it is the interior functionality of the vehicle that sets it apart.

The front seats stow away to cover the dashboard, while the rear seats fold down into a storage area beneath the cabin floor.

This allows the interior space to be converted into what Isuzu calls "room mode", enabling the interior to be tailored to the user, in any style that you want, and where you want it.

Convert on demand

The Z-E-N will take you to your destination, and once there convert to your needs.

The double volume design divides the interior into cabin and cargo areas, with a substantial amount of space available within the distinctive design.

Upward radiating lines of the doors and the window glass provide an open and airy feel to the Z-E-N, and in its role as an SUV it promotes the enjoyment of quality time in the outdoors.

The lower panel of the tailgate slides and lifts up like a Japanese paper sliding door to effectively bring the outdoors into the Z-E-N as an extension of a normal living space.

The Isuzu Z-E-N is powered by a V6 3- litre 24-valve common rail direct injection turbo-charged diesel engine. Transmission is 4-speed automatic with "torque on demand" electronically controlled torque-splitting four-wheel-drive.

Seating for four is provided.

"The Isuzu Z-E-N represents the forward thinking that the Japanese motor industry is working on for transportation concepts for the future," says Ian Nicholls, Delta Motor Corporation's Director Sales and Marketing.

"It provides an insight to the dynamic outlook that Isuzu has for its products."

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