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Renault unmasks 4x4

2005-08-10 07:23

Renault Egeus concept hints at new 4x4

According to Renault the Egeus is a combination of elegance and sportiness. Its design is a continuation of the previous concept cars Wind and Fluence.

Furthermore its flowing, homogenous lines have nothing of the angular styling usually associated with an SUV.

Renault incorporated the air inlets under the headlamps, which means the Egeus has no need for a grille

The bubble shape of the rear window forms a continuous, flowing line with the windscreen in a streamlined shape worthy of any coupé. The rear window rests on broad wings that sit the car squarely on the road.

With its longer bonnet, shorter front and rear overhang, and rounded rear wings, Egeus has a dynamic, powerful character.

Its 22-inch wheels combine with higher ground clearance than that of a classic saloon to give this concept car its solid stance.

Inside, the seat height is designed for greater visibility while reinforcing passengers' sensation of comfort and safety.

On the inside the Egeus features four independent seats.

Under the concept car's bonnet is a 184 kW 3-litre V6 diesel engine.

The fully automatic 4WD transmission regulates traction on the four wheels from 0 to 100% according to grip.

This, combined with a seven-speed flick-shift automatic transmission, ensures a high level of driving comfort while substantially reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


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