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A Jeep experience to remember

2003-04-29 09:44

William McIntosh

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About 1 200 people attended the event and there were 388 test drives. Drivers had a choice between seven Jeep Grand Cherokees, 14 Cherokees and four Wranglers.

You don't need any off-road experience to do the track - thanks to the Jeeps's excellent off-road technology and advice from Jeep's 4x4 experts the obstacle course was a breeze.

You basically just get in, start the Jeep, select low-range and then you are geared to face the toughest off-road condition.

When you get to a steep climb, you might have to depress the accelerator slightly for the V8 to take you to the top. One of the most important things to remember when you go down a hill is not to brake and to let the Jeep do its thing.

The rest of the time you just crawl around the track - over the so-called "Sandy Sahara", the "Laredo Logs", the "Rocky Rubicon, the "Cherokee Creek" and the "Grand Cambers".

According to Guy Kilfoil, Chrysler South Africa's public relations manager, this was the fifth event of its kind since 2001. Kilfoil told Wheels24 that the Jeep Experience is the biggest of its kind in the motor industry.

"Since the first event two years ago about 15 000 people attended it with more than 3 500 test drives," he said.

Kilfoil said the next Jeep Experience would take place in Gauteng in September. Wheels24 will keep you informed about the exact date and venue.

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