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LISTEN | Petrolheads test your knowledge in the 'guess the car' challenge

2020-06-30 09:00

Sean Parker


Guess the car. Image: Sean Parker

It's time for another 'guess the car' episode where you test your knowledge by listening to the only exhaust note of a car and try to fathom which one it belongs to. 

It's had good traction, and we love receiving emails from our readers with their guesses. 

In the past we've featured cars such as the Audi R8, Nissan GT-R, and the Toyota GT86. It's been awesome receiving feedback and answers from our readers. 

Test your knowledge

There are some enthusiasts out there with an incredible knowledge of cars, and that passion is what makes us a community.

This week we bring you the latest instalment of 'guess the car' and while it might be easy for some to fathom the engine note, for others it may be more difficult to recognise immediately. 

All we know is, our community enjoys it and we'll continue to test your knowledge. 

That brings us to this week's 'Guess the Car' episode, listen to the clip below and email us your answer here. 

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