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Full Race Weekend LIVE Converage British (Anniversary) Grand Prix Silverstone
Practice 2
Practice 1
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09 Aug 16:34 Red Bull's first win since 2012 at Silverstone, and Max's 9th win of his career.
09 Aug 16:33 Max Verstappen wins the 70TH Anniversary Grand Prix.
09 Aug 16:33 Verstappen to his engineer: "Did you hydrate during the race? You must have sweaty hands as well so don't forget to sanitize."
09 Aug 16:32 Max being cheeky on the radio :D 
09 Aug 16:31 This is Max's race and also wins Driver of the Day!
09 Aug 16:30 Can Lewis chase down Max in two laps?
09 Aug 16:30 2 laps to go!
09 Aug 16:30 Hamilton passes Bottas for P2!
09 Aug 16:29 Bottas versus Hamilton!!!!
09 Aug 16:27 Merc boys told: "You are free to race"
09 Aug 16:26 5 LAPS LEFT!!
09 Aug 16:26 The Hulk has boxed again during this time and has dropped to P7.
09 Aug 16:25 Hamilton is less than 10 seconds behind Max.
09 Aug 16:24 Magnussen has retired.
09 Aug 16:23 Hamilton takes P3 from Leclerc.
09 Aug 16:23 We are on lap 45/52...
09 Aug 16:21 1.6 seconds between Leclerc and Hamilton.
09 Aug 16:20 Hamilton just set fastest lap of the race.
09 Aug 16:19 10 laps to go and Hamilton is back in P4. Can he get pass Leclerc?
09 Aug 16:18 RB engineer: "Let's try to close the gap to Hamilton now Max please, start pushing, close the gap to Lewis, just covering the small chance that he tries to go to the end."
09 Aug 16:12 Verstappen told he's "got the pace if we need to react, but we just need to make sure we've got the tyres when we need it"
09 Aug 16:10 Max told they have the pace, and the tyres....
09 Aug 16:10 Hamilton: The tyre is not going to blow though right?
Bono: We think it's safe it's just the blistering that's cost the pace.
09 Aug 16:10 Hamilton worried his tyre might blow, it's not looking good at all.
09 Aug 16:04 Hamilton saying something is wrong with the setup of his car.
09 Aug 16:03 Bottas and Max pitted the same time, both back out. Hamilton now in the lead.
09 Aug 16:01 Ricciardo spins out.
09 Aug 16:01 Engineer: "Forget the time management, as fas you can within the limits of the tyre obviously."
Max: "So basically we’re just going to fully send it?"
09 Aug 16:00 Max told: Forget the tyre management!
09 Aug 16:00 Vettel on the radio: "It is in the gap that we didn’t like. We spoke about it this morning. I’ll hang in there, but we know that you’ve messed up."
09 Aug 15:58 Vettel not happy on the radio.
09 Aug 15:55 Wheel to wheel racing with Max and Bottas!
09 Aug 15:54 Bottas clears Max out of the pits.
09 Aug 15:54 Bit of a slow pit!
09 Aug 15:54 Max pits for medium tyres.
09 Aug 15:53 At the half-way point of the race.
09 Aug 15:52 Hamilton battling with those front tyres.
09 Aug 15:51 This could be Verstappen's race to win.
09 Aug 15:46 Hamilton told that Max is the real threat if he is on the one-stop strategy.
09 Aug 15:44 Seb in P9.
16:33 It looks like only a major issue can stop Mercedes here at Silverstone, but the drivers will have one more practice session on Saturday before qualifying to find as much performance as they can. Join us then for FP3.
16:32 Albon, Kvyat, Gasly, Vettel, Grosjean, Russell, Raikkonen, Magnussen, Latifi and Giovinazzi complete the order.
16:30 Hamilton leads the Mercedes one-two this time ahead of Bottas, with Ricciardo a surprise name in P3. Verstappen, Stroll, Hulkenberg, Leclerc, Norris, Sainz and Ocon complete the top 10.
16:28 Alfa Romeo's Giovinazzi has stopped at Becketts, also a Ferrari-powered car, that's the session over.
16:26 The good news is they are continuing the session, but drivers will have to watch out for that oil on the track.
16:25 Hamilton, Bottas and Ricciardo are the top three with five minutes to go, session may not restart.
16:24 "Engine failure" says Vettel, he pulls off onto the grass just before Copse with oil pouring out of the SF1000. Virtual Safety Car is in operation.
16:20 Raikkonen goes off onto the grass yet again, that C39 isn't working well at the moment with the Finn down in P17.
16:18 Bottas finishes his 15-lap run on the medium tyres.
16:14 The right-rear on Leclerc's Ferrari is looking tired as he continues his long run.
16:05 Some dry ice on the Red Bull's rear brakes, it's super hot out there.
15:53 That rain is still hanging around, as shown by the radar, but nothing has reached the track so far.
15:51 Ricciardo pops up to P3 with a very handy 1:26.4 on the soft tyres.
15:43 Mercedes swap places again as Hamilton sets a 1:25.606 on the medium tyres to retake P1.
15:36 Bottas has moved on to the softs and goes fastest again with a 1:25.782.
15:26 A nice lap from Verstappen on the mediums as he moves just over half a second adrift of Hamilton.
15:24 Hamilton gets blocked a little by George Russell during his flying lap on the softs, but still goes fastest by 0.006s.
15:20 Bottas isn't having any of that, into P1 the Mercedes man goes with a 1:25.917 on the medium tyres.
15:17 A Racing Point one-two currently as Hulkenberg goes 0.049s faster than team-mate Stroll on the soft tyres.
15:13 Stroll goes fastest by just under three tenths but on the soft tyres. It does seem like those C4s are struggling to keep their performance for a full lap.
15:10 Daniil Kvyat sets a 1:27.4 on the medium tyres to go into P1 early in the session.
15:06 The radar shows a sharp rain shower possibly heading for Silverstone. Just a few cars on the track currently.
15:00 The green light is on, it's FP2 time!
14:54 Of course at the moment the whole Racing Point debate has overtaken the racing somewhat. Currently Renault are considering whether or not to protest the sanctions imposed by the FIA on Racing Point. The FIA have also confirmed that there will be rule tweaks for 2021 to restrict car copying.
14:46 At the other end of the order was Alfa Romeo who were ahead of only Kevin Magnussen in the FP1 standings. There were also a few wide moments for Kimi Raikkonen with that C39 looking a handful.
11:41 Max Verstappen for Red Bull was the closest 'challenger' in FP1, but still he was over seven tenths behind Mercedes and had Nico Hulkenberg in the Racing Point for very close company.
14:36 Valtteri Bottas topped the opening practice session ahead of Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton as the Silver Arrows put clear daylight between themselves and the rest of the pack.
14:30 Hello and welcome back to Silverstone, FP2 is just 30 minutes away! All times are local.
12:35 Well, as expected Mercedes are in a class of their own at Silverstone again. Will they turn the engines up even further in FP2, or can Verstappen or the on-form Hulkenberg given them a wake-up call? Join us for FP2 to find out, see you soon!
12:33 Gasly, Norris, Grosjean, Sainz, Russell, Latifi, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Kubica and Magnussen finish off the standings for FP1.
12:32 Hulkenberg, Leclerc, Albon, Vettel, Stroll, Kvyat and Ocon complete the top 10.
12:30 And there is the chequered flag to end the session - Bottas is on top 0.138s ahead of Hamilton and 0.7s clear of Verstappen, who just had another dodgy moment as he chopped across Raikkonen.
12:19 Gasly, Norris, Grosjean, Sainz, Russell, Latifi, Ricciardo, Raikkonen and Kubica complete the current order.
12:15 15 minutes to go, Bottas remains P1, 0.138s ahead of Hamilton. Verstappen, Hulkenberg, Leclerc, Albon, Vettel, Stroll, Kvyat and Ocon complete the current top 10.
12:12 Albon is really struggling with understeer in that RB16. Doesn't look comfortable at all.
12:02 Verstappen quickly moves into P3, though he came very close to collecting Leclerc through Maggotts and Becketts. The Dutchman quickly jumps on the radio to blast Red Bull for not telling him the Ferrari man was there.
12:00 30 minutes to go and Verstappen is back out there looking to set his first timed lap of this session.
11:59 A solid lap from Hulkenberg sends him up to P3 - a 1:26.942 on the C4s.
11:57 Leclerc improves on his latest run with the softs but is still nearly nine tenths slower than Bottas.
11:54 Raikkonen with another wide moment, this time at Copse as he takes too much kerb.
11:50 40 minutes left to go in the session. Mercedes in a class of their own, as expected. Charles Leclerc is the fastest non-Mercedes driver right now, 1.378s down on Bottas' 1:26.166.
11:37 Pierre Gasly is reporting that the front-left is already "a bit damaged after two push laps". Those front-lefts do not want to behave at Silverstone, and it does confirm that the C4s are a qualifying tyre as many thought.
11:34 No limping now for Bottas as he goes P1, but Hamilton swiftly takes that spot for himself with a 1:26.842. The soft tyres are getting plenty of action as FP1 passes the 30-minute mark.
11:30 Bottas complains of being in "limp home mode". He seems to have sorted his W11 out.
11:25 Leclerc shaves four tenths off of that. How Ferrari would love to be battling over P1 and P2 again.
11:24 Albon, armed with that very skinny rear wing on his RB16, goes into P3 on the softs, half a second down on Vettel who improves to a 1:27.9 to go fastest again.
11:19 A 1:28.520 from Vettel on the softs gives us the first time of FP1, that benchmark is quickly better by two tenths courtesy of his Ferrari team-mate Charles Leclerc.
11:15 Kimi Raikkonen has a trip onto the grass on his soft tyres, no harm done and he is back up to speed now.
11:10 And now the track has gone very quiet. Verstappen has just returned to the pits after his short stint on the softs. Still no times set.
11:03 Verstappen is one of many out there early on the soft tyres, they being the C4s for this weekend. Just three minutes in and the track is already very busy.
11:01 Robert Kubica is taking part in this session for Alfa Romeo, he is borrowing Antonio Giovinazzi's C39.
11:00 The green light is on, FP1 is underway!
10:58 The track temperature is 34c.
10:56 Just under five minutes to go now until FP1 gets underway. It's a toasty 25c out there already.
10:53 Red Bull's Alex Albon is another driver who is generating some talk recently. After only four races in 2020 there are questions being raised about his future with the team, so the Thai driver desperately needs to push team-mate Max Verstappen this weekend.
10:50 Sebastian Vettel is sure to face more questions about his future, we're sure he can't wait to talk about it all again. Bottas' new one-year contract ended any hopes of a Mercedes drive for Vettel, but he is hotly tipped to join Aston Martin for 2021 when they take over the Racing Point entry.
10:45 Of course Racing Point are the biggest talking point heading into this weekend though after they were deducted 15 points, fined 400,000 Euros, and reprimanded for two races after their brake ducts were deemed illegal by the FIA. Nico Hulkenberg will be standing in for Sergio Perez again and we wait to see how their on-track performance will be affected. FP1 should give us some clues.
10:40 In normal circumstances only Hamilton's Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas has a chance of denying him an eighth career win at Silverstone. The situation is critical now for Bottas who is 30 points behind Hamilton in the standings already after finishing outside the points at the British GP after his late tyre failure.
10:35 And one of the biggest questions for this weekend is who can stop Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton? The Briton even won his home race on three wheels with the W11 looking absolutely mighty at Silverstone.
10:30 By now the drivers are well acquainted with the Silverstone circuit, but warmer weather and softer tyres will mix things up - the drivers will want to be as busy as possible in FP1.
10:00 Good morning and welcome back to Silverstone for the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, otherwise known as the British GP part 2.
Driver Standings
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:25.606 - 5
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:25.782 0.176 4
3 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:26.421 0.815 4
4 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:26.437 0.831 3
5 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1:26.501 0.895 3
6 Nico Hulkenberg Racing Point 1:26.746 1.140 3
7 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:26.812 1.206 5
8 Lando Norris McLaren 1:26.867 1.261 4
9 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:26.918 1.312 4
10 Esteban Ocon Renault 1:26.928 1.322 5
11 Alexander Albon Red Bull 1:26.960 1.354 3
12 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauri 1:27.002 1.396 4
13 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 1:27.128 1.522 3
14 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:27.198 1.592 6
15 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:27.294 1.688 2
16 George Russell Williams 1:27.320 1.714 4
17 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 1:27.535 1.929 5
18 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:27.582 1.976 3
19 Nicholas Latifi Williams 1:27.683 2.077 4
20 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo Racing 1:27.955 2.349 4
Driver Standings
1 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 1:26.166 - 4
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:26.304 0.138 5
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 1:26.893 0.727 6
4 Nico Hulkenberg Racing Point 1:26.942 0.776 3
5 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1:27.062 0.896 3
6 Alexander Albon Red Bull 1:27.280 1.114 3
7 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1:27.498 1.332 3
8 Lance Stroll Racing Point 1:27.539 1.373 3
9 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauri 1:27.653 1.487 4
10 Esteban Ocon Renault 1:27.701 1.535 4
11 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 1:27.707 1.541 3
12 Lando Norris McLaren 1:27.846 1.680 6
13 Romain Grosjean Haas 1:27.908 1.742 3
14 Carlos Sainz McLaren 1:28.138 1.972 4
15 George Russell Williams 1:28.170 2.004 4
16 Nicholas Latifi Williams 1:28.226 2.060 3
17 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 1:28.511 2.345 6
18 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo Racing 1:28.655 2.489 4
19 Robert Kubica Alfa Romeo Racing 1:28.960 2.794 3
20 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1:29.319 3.153 3
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