Extreme test for XKulcha gear

2012-10-09 13:56

Local motorcyclist protective gear maker XKulcha recently put four of its top products to the ultimate test – with interesting results.

Bike Talk editor Hein Jonker was “roped” into the experiment in Umhlanga Ridge, near Durban, to test the gear maker’s durability claims.


A 100m road section was selected and marked with cones at 30, 40 and 50 metres.

Jonker was then secured to a Honda CrossTourer with a nylon ski rope and dragged by his feet at an average speed of 55km/h. The nylon lines used were equipped with a quick-release clasp.

XKulcha’s Dakar adventure trousers, Enduro jeans, BikerX jean and Kevlar jeans were subjected to the test.

XKulcha’s CEO Preston van Wyk said: “We knew that under such severe testing the fabric would wear through but we wanted to know how much and what the effect on the wearer would be.


“Our trousers are sold with compact foam hip and knee impact absorbers and we inserted a double layer of foam into Hein’s Enduro jeans as an added safety measure.”

Jonker was dragged for 35 metres to a top speed of 55km and while the Enduro jeans fabric was reported to show damage, the abrasion did not wear through the first layer of padding, 4mm thick.

Wearing the BikerX and Kevlar jeans, and the Dakar trousers, Jonker was dragged for 80m at a top speed of 60km/h.

Van Wyk added: “In any accident scenario you will most likely never find yourself sliding in the same position for 40m or more like our test subject. In fact, in every drag, the moment Hein (Jonker) released, he came to a complete stop within two to three metres.”

His XKulcha protective gear, however, showed its ability to protect drivers from abrasions after a fall, despite the tiems looking like regular casual wear.

Check out videos from the test event or visit the XKulcha website for more information.


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