Save big bucks - fix your own alloy rims

Hearing your rim scrape against the kerb or driving through a big pothole makes anyone cringe. So is the price of having your rims repaired. Here's how to do-it-yourself!

33% of cars need suspension check - each year!
Heavily potholed roads in many parts of South Africa and other countries are proving too much for certain cars - and not necessarily only cheaper models, according to... read more
Safety critical: Tyres and exhausts
When it comes to your car's safety, the exhaust and tow ball are hardly ever thought of, however, it's just as important as tyres or anything else!
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Cars on fire - the secret signals
Leaving your car's service period to the last minute or even way after it's due date, is hazardous. It could even be a fire risk. Here's some tips to tell the smokey... read more
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Supa Quick holiday cubby-hole guide
Here's a quick guide on everything you need to know about basic and tyre safety checks on your car and a quick guide on how to speak fluent 'mechanic'. Keep the URL on... read more
What makes SupaQuick your exhaust expert?
Supa Quick’s Exhaust experts strive to understand exactly what you require and thereafter provide you with the optimum solution, plus sound and honest Exhaust advice.
Amateur mechanic's car goes up in flames
Top tip: If your engine is on fire, don't try to blow out the flames like it's a birthday cake. Watch a driver fail spectacularly while tinkering on his ride!
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