US biker deaths down: What's the secret?

Motorcycle deaths are on track to decline for a second year in the US thanks to a so far - on bikes - little-used road safety accessory.

Autobraking: See just how good they are!
Just how good are automatic brakes on cars these days? Two VW models have been praised by top UK research centre Thatcham. Find out why...
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Pro's and con's of accredited driver-training
We've gone through the trouble of highlighting what local businesses should look out for when their employees undergo driver training.
Need a family ride? SA's top Mommy Cars
From nappy bags when they’re tiny to sport kit when they’re older, children come with a lot of baggage. Here's some of SA's top family cars...
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Middle-seat kids: Why are they special?
Limited legroom, a siblings on each side... the middle seat has long been considered the short straw in a car but does it have a secret?
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Fixing potholes? Chuck money at them
Potholes are a nightmare for South African road users, yet we're not alone in the world. However, the UK government has decided to spend enough money to fix around... read more
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Rolling bakkie kills mud Samaritan
A good samaritan was killed on Sunday while he was trying to assist a stuck bakkie on a farm near Pretoria.
Keep up the pressure over Christmas
The holidays are here and you've checked your car, packed all the goods and you're ready to hit the long haul. But did you check your tyre pressures?
Hey, lazy! Get outta the disabled bay!
Unauthorised people who park in bays reserved for the physically challenged are ignorant, ill-mannered, probably fat and looked upon with disgust. Here's why they... read more
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Land Rover experience: Epic Namib drive
Four lucky couples experienced the trip of a lifetime – an epic trek through Namibia and its desert with Pirelli and Land Rover experience. SERGIO DAVIDS drove solo for... read more
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