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Volvo V50

2007-03-22 14:41
Simply stated, Volvo's V50 T5 is a nice surprise. It offers all the safety and comfort features imaginable and goes like the clappers. Yes, it's a station wagon, but only in name as it definitely doesn't look like the one your maths teacher used to drive. If you're looking for comfort and space but don?t want to skimp on performance, you should probably take one of these for a spin?


The V50 is one of the few station wagons that looks comfortable in its own skin - it's not just a stretched S40. The styling is smooth and understated with the short bonnet giving the car a fairly sporty profile. Clean lines ensure the V50 won't look dated before its time and Volvo's current styling is gradually shaking off the manufacturer's old-fashioned image.


Spectacular! The V50's smooth exterior styling is carried through into the interior resulting in an uncluttered and tasteful cabin. The centre console hosts the radio and climate controls, with large, well laid out buttons and dials. There are remote audio controls on the steering as well and the interior is well appointed in terms of extra storage space.


Because of its station wagon styling, many people overlook the V50 as anything other than a mom's taxi. The truth is that the car's superb comfort and excellent value for money make it a good deal for anyone who spends a lot of time behind the wheel. The leather seats are plush, the cabin is truly spacious and there's ample space for rear passengers. The V50 is the perfect companion on a long trip.


The Volvo's quality is excellent. If you insist on comparing it with the Germans then, no, it's not quite as plush - but the build quality can't be faulted. This specific vehicle has no rattles or scratches and the interior is in mint condition. All the plastics and leather look as good as new.


Volvo has a long tradition of excellent safety and its still living up to this reputation. The V50 T5 is equipped with dual front airbags, front and rear curtain airbags as well as side airbags. It's also fitted with all the acronyms such as ABS with EBD and dynamic stability and traction control.


The V50 T5 is sublime. With 162 kW and 320 Nm of torque on tap it offers instantaneous and effortless power. The five-speed Geartronic transmission is smooth and perfect for the open road or stop-start traffic. Steering feedback is direct and the V50 won't shrink away from tight corners, but it's not a sports car and it really proves its worth during those long trips.


The Volvo V50 T5 is a fantastic car to drive. There are many who still feel that Volvo doesn't have the street cred and that it lacks somewhat in terms of image, but, you're also not paying for the image. Instead you're paying a real comfort and loads of safety and luxury features. The only downside may be your fuel bill, especially if you've got a heavy right foot. The V50 is versatile, offers loads of space and, despite its station wagon status, it doesn't look like something your granny should drive.

Layout - in-line, transversely mounted
Cylinders/capacity - 5/2 521 cc
Bore/stroke - 83 x 93,2 mm
Compression ratio - 9,0:1
Valve gear - DOHC
Power - 162 kw @ 5 000 r/min
Torque - 320 nm @ 1 500 r/min
Specific power
Fuel system - electronic fuel injection. turbocharged

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